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Hailey Bieber & Kendall Jenner Have A ‘Best Friend Jam’ At Adele Concert With Kim Kardashian: Watch

Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Kim Kardashian dressed to impress as they attended Adele's epic show in Las Vegas, NV, and were noticed by the singer.

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Image Credit: The Daily Stardust / BACKGRID

Hailey Bieber, 26, and Kendall Jenner, 27, showed off their epic friendship at Adele‘s concert in Las Vegas, NV on Friday night. The BFFs were joined by Kendall’s older sister Kim Kardashian, 42, as well as their friend, photographer Carlos Eric Lopez, and shared multiple Instagram videos and photos of the memorable moments throughout the show. “love a best friend + Adele jam,” Kendall captioned one of the clips, which showed the talented artist singing her heart out on stage as she and Hailey watched.

Another clip, which was posted by Carlos, showed the beauties standing in the crowd as Adele walked by while singing “When We Were Young.” She noticed them in the crowd and gave a little wave as they smiled and sang along, thoroughly enjoying the exchange. The group also sang along to “Rolling in the Deep” as confetti fell on them, in a third video.

All three of the ladies appeared to be dressed in black dresses during the show. Kendall and Kim both had their hair up in buns and wore jewelry, including stylish earrings, while Hailey had her chin-length hair down. Kim revealed it was Carlos’ birthday in one of the captions for the videos she shared.

In addition to the videos, some photos showed Hailey, Kendall, Kim, Carlos and others sitting in what appeared to be a limo as they posed for the camera. Kim made a kissing face at one point, and Hailey, whose husband Justin Bieber, didn’t seem to be at the show that night, smiled. They all looked thrilled to be sharing a fun time together.

The Adele concert isn’t the first event Hailey and Kendall have attended together. The two stars are known to have a close friendship and are often seen out and about at both public and private outings. In Dec., they both went on a vacation to Aspen, CO together and were photographed enjoying the wintery city while looking glamourous at times. A couple of months before that, they showed up to Doja Cat‘s 27th birthday in black sheer lingerie outfits.