Adele’s Vegas Residency: Everything We Know So Far About The Rumored Sin City Show

It seems Adele is cooking up more than just new music. The 'Hello' singer is reportedly shopping around for a Las Vegas residency, so here's what we know so far.

Adele might be headed to Sin City. Days after the 33-year-old superstar announced her comeback single, Billboard reported that Adele was considering a Las Vegas residency in 2022. The “Rolling In The Deep” singer is “currently shopping for options” and she’s considering either “the Park Theater at the Park MGM Las Vegas or the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.” Both venues are run by Live Nation, and have available dates on their 2022 calendars.

Before fans start packing suitcases and booking flights, Billboard reports that the Las Vegas plan isn’t finalized — yet. However, a deal has reportedly been in the works for several weeks. All that’s left may be for a few Ts to be crossed and some i’s to be dotted. When/if the deal is announced, fans better get tickets. Supposedly, this residency will “cover all of [Adele’s] North American touring plans for 2022,” meaning that if you don’t get a seat, you probably aren’t seeing her that year.


Adele’s team has not placed any holds for major arenas or stadium dates in North America, according to Billboard. These “non-binding holds” are usually used by booking agents and promoters to reserve a space on a venue’s calendar while a tour is being put together If Adele’s team hasn’t begun securing touring spaces for 2022 – which is right around the corner – she probably has no plans to come to your town.

Instead, it seems she’d rather you go to her. Adele reportedly “likes the idea of having her fans travel to see her in Vegas, where she can keep an apartment, avoid being away from her 8-year-old son [Angelo Adkins] for long stretches of time, and easily shuttle back and forth from her home in Los Angeles,” per Billboard.

There’s another reason why Adele might be considering a residency as opposed to a traditional tour: money. Adele reportedly generated more than $150 million in ticket sales with her 2016 North American tour, and she could “potentially make even more in 2022” due to increased demand, per Billboard. Yes, most arenas hold around 20,000 people, while a Vegas residency would be limited to either 6,4000 (the Park Theater) or 4,1000 (the Colosseum).


However, touring is expensive, and Adele’s team could not only cut down on overhead costs with a stationary show, but they could also feasibly charge more than your average concert ticket price. After all, they could market this residency as an “intimate” show. Also, Adele’s fans might be willing to pay top dollar for the only chance to see her live, especially if this rumored residency is the only way they’ll see her perform her new music – like “Easy on Me,” the song she plans to release on Oct. 15.

It’s also possible that this residency kicks off a smaller North American tour. Many artists, including Celine Dion (the pioneer of the modern Vegas residency), follow up their stints in Las Vegas with a 20 to 30-date tour. We won’t know until she announces all the details and when she does, we’ll let you know.

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