‘Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico Fires Back After Hater Calls Her ‘Thirsty’ For Photo In Santa Outfit

Think twice before you call Donna D’Errico 'thirsty' for compliments because she just proved she's not afraid of letting her haters have it.

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Image Credit: Crollalanza/Shutterstock

Hell hath no fury as Donna D’Errico scorned. After Donna, 54, posted a photo of herself in a form-fitting sexy Santa suit, a Christmas troll decided to pop its head out and claim, “Thirsty much?” Donna decided to climb down that hater’s chimney to leave a lot of coal in their stocking. “Well, let’s analyze this,” she said at the start of her reply to the comment. “This is a photo of me completely covered from head to toe in a Santa costume. The only thing not covered is roughly 3 inches of my legs above my boots. I captioned it with a funny quote from a classic Chevy Chase Christmas movie and invited everyone to share a quote from the movie as well. And you want to come on here and call me thirsty?”

“Because…what?” she continued. “Because my Santa costume is fitted? Because it’s not big and oversized and bulky dragging on the floor, making me look shapeless? Because I took a photo of myself from a flattering angle so I look my best, just like every other normal person does, including, I’m quite sure, you? If I want to take a photo of myself standing here nude and post it with strategically placed Frosty the f-cking Snowman emojis and quote Nightmare Before Christmas, hold on to your hate hat because I can, and I sure as shit will. Now, fly away, little Starling.”

Donna quoted National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, specifically when Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold got flustered with a rather busty saleswoman. (“And obviously, she doesn’t wear underwear. And there are plenty of shopping days left until adultery’s ..adulthood…which is to say Christmas…as in Yule. Yule log…not a log! I don’t have a log! But I mean, you know, I’m just… If I had a log, not in the sense you think I said I did haha.. Good golly. Tis the season to be merry!”)


A day before taking on this Santa hater, Donna took offense to a nasty comment someone left on her Nov. 28 post, the one where she dressed like the sexiest gift under the tree. “You really spend 2 much time on what you think you look like,” wrote someone.

“While I’m flattered that you have made a deep dive into my personal life to make a detailed accounting of precisely how I spend my time, you’ve unfortunately made one very critical error: you’re basing your conclusion that I ‘really spend 2 much time on what I think I look like’ entirely on my IG posts,” she wrote. “Let me let you in on a little secret: Instagram isn’t real life. I know! Hard to believe, but there it is! You actually have shit for knowledge of what I spend my time doing or thinking about because guess what…? You don’t even know me!”


Donna explained that the money she’s making by posting sexy photos on OnlyFans is going towards her father’s treatment since he has to “receive a valve in his lung so he can live the rest of his days without being out of breath all the time.” She has to raise funds and find someone to agree to the procedure because “he’s above the cutoff age.” “So, how are you feeling about your analysis of me now?” she addressed her hater. “Like shit? Good!”