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Kanye West Reveals He Asked Trump to Be His Running Mate In 2024 During Mar-A-Lago Visit

After being reinstated on Twitter, the 'Runaway' rapper admitted that he'd offered the former president a position in his campaign.

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Image Credit: John Taggart / Pool via CNP / SplashNews

Kanye West had former President Donald Trump in mind to be his vice president in the 2024 presidential election. The rapper, 45, tweeted that he’d offered Trump, 76, the position during a recent visit to Mar-A-Lago, on Tuesday, November 22. While he didn’t reveal the former president’s response, West did ask his followers what they thought he said.

West tweeted that he had been running late for a meeting with Trump at his Florida residence, before asking the question. “First time at Mar-a-Lago. Rain and traffic. Can’t believe I kept President Trump waiting. And I had on jeans. Yikes,” he wrote.

The rapper, jokingly referring to his own name, gave fans the option to guess whether they felt Trump’s response was “very Ye” or “very Nay” to the offer. “What do you guys think his response was when I asked him to be my running mate in 2024?” he asked.

West meets with Trump in New York in December 2016. (John Taggart / Pool via CNP / SplashNews)

It seems unlikely that Trump would accept West’s offer, given that he has announced his own run for president, after losing in the 2020 election. Trump made the announcement that he would be embarking on his third campaign at Mar-A-Lago on November 15. “America’s comeback starts right now,” he said during the rally. “In order to make America great and glorious again I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States.”

After losing his 2020 campaign, West teased his plans for another run in 2024 back in September, in a Good Morning America interview. The rapper also referenced his plans and his hopes that his ex Kim Kardashian would support him in a feature for rapper Future on his song “Keep It Burnin” from the album I Never Liked You. “When I run for ‘24, I know my spouse better be with me,” he rapped.

West meets with Trump in the Oval Office in 2018. (SplashNews)

Despite the fact that he seems to be planning to run against Trump in 2024, West has admitted to still being on speaking terms with the former president. He was spotted having meals with Trump’s former associates and family members as recently as January. He recalled a conversation he had with Trump in October during an interview with Piers Morgan, after he was kicked off of Instagram and Twitter, although he’s since been reinstated on Twitter, as has Trump. He explained what Trump had told him after he was kicked off and criticized social platforms for booting them both off. “Mark Zuckerberg thinks he is the government. These tech companies feel they’re more powerful than the US Government to the point of actually kicking the actual President of the United States off of an American social media platform. This is the world we live in,” the rapper said.