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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Shanae Calls Logan ‘Disrespectful’ After He Dumps Her For Kate

Logan Palmer officially made the decision to pursue Kate Gallivan on 'Bachelor in Paradise,' and Shanae Ankney was not happy about it.

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The original women returned to the beach on the Oct. 25 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Although some of the couples were still solid, others had things to discuss. Shanae Ankney was excited to get back to Logan Palmer. Even though she went on a date with Tyler Norris during split week, Shanae was admittedly thinking about Logan most of the time she was away and she wanted to see him again. Unbeknownst to Shanae, though, Logan had formed a new relationship with Kate Gallivan.

Immediately upon her return, Shanae pulled Logan aside. “Being away from you made me think how much I do really care for you and like you,” she admitted. “I went on a date with Tyler. It was fun, but I just realized he doesn’t make me feel the way Logan makes me feel. You make me feel so secure and comfortable and wanted. I didn’t feel that. When you’re around me, I know you’re looking at me and trying to find me. I like where this is going and I like what I have with you.”

logan palmer shanae ankney
Logan and Shanae at a rose ceremony before their split. (ABC)

It was then time for Logan to reveal what he’d been up to. He explained that he first went on a date with Sarah Hamrick, but didn’t feel a connection with her. Then, he broke the news about Kate. “I still care for you and this isn’t easy, but there’s someone who I feel kind of heard and seen by and that I feel like I need to pursue,” Logan explained. “I feel something really strongly for Kate.” Logan brought up how Shanae previously went on a date with James Bonsall and was kissing him on the beach in plain sight. Even though Shanae wound up giving Logan her rose over James, Logan was admittedly still hurt by the blatant PDA in front of him.

“Watching you kiss and makeout with him, I decided to give myself that same chance to get to know someone,” Logan explained. “When [you were] asked about how you were doing and you said something like, ‘It’s not easy juggling two men,’ it did hurt me. The way I saw it handled and the way we worked through it didn’t feel healthy to me. The way you talked about the situation [with James] kind of hurt me.”

Shanae was clearly caught off guard by Logan’s confession and asked him why he didn’t express that to her earlier. “I don’t think it’s hard to see that that would hurt somebody,” he said. “But I don’t want to take away or forget from the good moments we shared.” That was all Shanae needed to hear, and she walked away from the conversation. In a confessional, she fumed, “Are you f***ing kidding me? Kate? She’s loud, she’s not nice, she’s rude. We don’t even relate. We aren’t comparable.”

kate gallivan
Kate Gallivan on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

Shanae and Kate actually had history, as they were both on season 26 of The Bachelor. Although Kate got eliminated during week 2, she didn’t hold back from telling Shanae of during Women Tell All. Back on the beach, Kate assured Logan that he didn’t do anything wrong and they reassured each other that they were committed to one another. Shanae saw the conversation happening and was pissed at Logan and Kate for reconvening right in front of her. “F*** Kate and his dumb a*** for not walking away,” she ranted. “Why would you be in plain sight of where I’m at? The Logan I met before I left was very different than when I came back.”

Genevieve Parisi urged Shanae to tell Logan exactly how she was feeling, so she interrupted Logan and Kate to pull him aside again. The two went back and forth, but were not able to get on the same page about what went wrong between them. Shanae ended the conversation even angrier than when she started it. Meanwhile, Kate decided she wanted to have a conversation with Shanae so they could find some “common ground” now that they would be on the beach together. “Thinking you have a connection with a guy and then coming back and someone else has taken that spot, that doesn’t feel good,” she admitted. “But I also want to let her know it’s not okay to be faulting me for that.”

Shanae didn’t want to hear it, though. She and Kate got into a fight on the beach, where Shanae slammed Kate for having a conversation with Logan right in front of her. Kate tried to apologize, but it fell on deaf ears, and she accused Shanae of being fake with claims that she was “turning over a new leaf” from who she was on The Bachelor. The conversation between the women did not end well. “You can’t trust anyone,” Shanae concluded. “Now I just want to connect with someone and feel something for someone and do it right in front of [Logan’s] face.”