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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Logan Declares He’s Ready To Commit To Kate After Dates With Sarah & Shanae

Despite previously forming connections with Shanae and Sarah, Logan decided he wanted to be all in with Kate on the Oct. 24 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

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Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan are the hottest new couple on Bachelor in Paradise after the Oct. 24 episode. However, they had to break some hearts along the way to get there. Logan and Shanae Ankney initially connected and went on a date, then gave each other roses at the first two rose ceremonies. However, during split week, with Shanae spending time at a separate location, Logan went on a date with Sarah Hamrick, who is also one of Kate’s good friends. Meanwhile, Logan’s close friend, Jacob Rapini, was spending a lot of time with Kate after her arrival.

A late night conversation between Logan and Kate led them to realize that they were interested in each other, though. “This is so tough to navigate,” Kate admitted. “On the one hand, I do have a lot of fun with Jacob. There’s enough chemistry to make out with him and talk to him and laugh with him, but it just feels different with Logan. Jacob’s completely unaware. I just feel so dodgy and secretive and I hate that feeling.”

logan palmer kate gallivan
Logan and Kate formed a connection on this week’s Bachelor in Paradise. (ABC)

At first, Sarah and Jacob were completely in the dark about what was going on between Logan and Kate. Jacob was even ready to put his previous relationship with Jill Chin behind him in order to pursue Kate. However, when Kate got a date card, she had to break the news to Jacob that she was interested in someone else. “I think you’re great,” Kate told Jacob. “Obviously, I’m attracted to you. I love your energy, I love how sunny and positive you are. I think you have such a good soul and I definitely connect with you. I want to just be forthcoming with how I’m feeling. Ever since last night, I’m feeling like there may be a stronger connection with someone else. And that someone else is Logan.”

Jacob was admittedly upset, but he told Kate to do her thing. Once she had the green light, she asked Logan on the date, and he accepted. It wasn’t until after he said yes that he pulled Sarah aside to have a conversation. “I’m sorry that things happened in this order,” Logan explained. “Out of all the conversations I was planning on having, the date card kind of threw a wrench in it. I still want to talk to you. Our date was amazing and I really think that. I meant everything I said and, honestly, Kate pulled me a side for a conversation and we discovered that he had a connection that we hadn’t explored. I didn’t plan on it or expect it and it has made things complicated. I just hope that me going on this date and me having that talk doesn’t make you think that our date didn’t mean a lot to me because it did. I really do think you’re great and you’re so easy to talk to. If you feel like you do have something to say, you can always say it to me.”

logan palmer shanae ankney
Logan getting a rose from Shanae at the 2nd rose ceremony. (ABC)

Sarah didn’t want to talk, though, and she walked away in tears. “I’m getting upset now because it just starts eating away at me and starts becoming insulting or humiliating,” Sarah admitted in a confessional. “You’re fine with me having to sit there, wondering what the hell is going on and being blindsided right in front of my face? That sucks. There’s lessons learned and bridges burned. You don’t get to just walk all over me. I’m not mad [Kate’s] interested in him — I’d never be like, ‘You can’t be interested just because I’m interested.’ But it just feels like I was a little bit lied to and deceived. People who lie and deceive are always going to be that way. Maybe this was meant to happen.”

After coming to that realization, Sarah decided to start putting some of her focus on Jacob to see if there might be a connection there. They started bonding over the shared experience they had with Kate and Logan. Meanwhile, Kate and Logan enjoyed a steamy and sensual spa date. By the end of their one-on-one time together, they were committed to one another.

“This solidifies so many things for me,” Kate admitted, to which Logan replied, “I’m so sure about how I feel about it.” They both agreed that they were ready to buckle up and take this ride together. “I feel like I’m on cloud nine, to be honest,” Kate gushed. “It’s crazy to think that this could actually work outside of here. I’m really happy with where it’s at and I can’t see it slowing down now that we have this much momentum.” Logan added, “It’s so clear to me now that I want to give myself to Kate moving forward. It’s such a deep connection that’s so fresh. It’s amazing. There’s no wishy-washy on this one. There’s no shrugging my shoulders about this one. I can now sit still and be at peace with Kate. Right now, the potential is through the roof.”

Of course, there’s still the Shanae of it all. Shanae and the other original girls were still split up from the men at this point. Although Shanae had gone one a date with Tyler Norris, she was admittedly still thinking about Logan. We’ll have to see how that all plays out when the girls return!