Coco Austin Gives Daughter, 6, A Bath In The Sink & Fans Are Confused

Coco Chanel's latest parenting controversy comes months after people accused her of babying her 6-year-old daughter Chanel. Learn about the new drama here.

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Coco Austin daughter Chanel
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Image Credit: Janet Mayer / SplashNews

Coco Austin has social media outraged by her parenting once again. The 43-year-old wife of rapper Ice-T took to Instagram on Sept. 22 to repost a TikTok video that let fans watch her and her 6-year-old daughter, Chanel, get ready for a Patricia Fields fashion show. The video showed Chanel taking a bath in the kitchen sink, which Coco said is the “easiest when you have to be fast.” However, not everyone thought the makeshift bathtub was so savvy.

“She’s to old to be in the sink..that was really Awkward to see,” one Instagram user complained in the comment section. Another critic claimed Coco is making “mistakes that is gonna hurt her in the end”. They added, “She needs to quit [babying] her daughter and start treating it like she’s a young mature short little girl … She is not a toddler and she’s not a baby.” A third troll shared the same sentiment and wrote, “New babies go in the sink. … It’s weird and awkward and you’re still treating her like she’s a baby.” Yet another critic suggested she “just have another kid”.

However, some of Coco’s loyal fans had her back. “I see a mom who is attentive to her child’s needs, prioritizing and spending time with her. Find legitimate issues to complain about,” one person argued back. “This is amazing. Imagine how much water it actually saves,” a second supporter wrote. “Plus, then you never have to bend down to help her.” Furthermore, several gushed over the sink and admitted they now want one. Dozens of other commenters ignored the sink fiasco and commented about how much they think Chanel looks like her father, with many calling her his “twin”.

Ice-T and Coco received serious backlash in May over the fact that they pushed Chanel in a stroller while vacationing in The Bahamas. Once again, people were concerned that Chanel is too old to be using a stroller. However, both the “Body Count” singer and actress told haters to worry about better things. “Oh lord!! Really people? The world loves to criticize [literally] everything i do!” Coco tweeted at the time. “MFs ain’t got s—t else to talk about. F em all. Smh. Lol,” Ice-T responded with his own tweet.

The new controversy comes just weeks after Chanel started first grade. Coco posted a photo of her baby girl holding a “First Day Of” sign to commemorate the milestone and expressed her emotions in the caption of the sweet snapshot. “My baby,” Coco wrote with a crying emoji. “Definitely a bittersweet day.”