Britney Spears’ New Song With Elton John Is ‘The Best She’s Ever Sounded’: How Elton Helped

The 'Toxic' singer and classic rock icon have teamed up for a new take on 'Tiny Dancer,' and sources close to Britney revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she was 'touched' that he asked.

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Britney Spears’ new song with Sir Elton John is sure to be an exciting treats for fans of both pop icons. Sources close to Britney, 40, revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that her upcoming duet with the 75-year-old rockstar that the new take on Elton’s classic “Tiny Dancer” is “the best she has ever sounded,” and she’s excited for her fans to hear it.

The insider explained that the “Rocket Man” singer had been a longtime fan of Britney, and had known she was a fan after she tweeted her love for his song “Tiny Dancer” years ago. “For the past several years, Elton has watched closely what Britney has been going through and he feels deeply for her. Elton knows what it is like to come back from being absent in work and how hard of a life it can be to be a superstar sometimes. He has always admired Britney as an artist because she has an originality that he really respects,” they said.

Britney is gearing up to return to music with a collab with Elton John. (Leonid Naidiouk/AP/Shutterstock)

The source continued and said that as so many people asked Britney to collaborate after her conservatorship ended, Elton “waited patiently” for the perfect opportunity and the magic was there. “when he reached out to her, he asked her specifically to do a remix of ‘Tiny Dancer.’ She thought it was amazing that he remembered her tweet and she told him she was really touched that he asked her to do this,” they said. “he felt like she was rusty when they started recording, but it came back to her naturally and Elton helped to bring out her best and it is possibly the best she has ever sounded.”

Another source close to Britney told HL that she was looking to experiment with “a very different sound” for her new music, and she’s looking to “unleash the full power of her voice.” They said she’s really looking forward to fans hearing the new music. “She’s giddy with excitement over getting to collaborate with Elton, he’s such an icon and ‘Tiny Dancer’ is one of her favorite songs, it’s totally a dream come true for her,” the insider explained.

The pair will duet on Elton’s ‘Tiny Dancer.’ (anyamuse/Shutterstock)

Britney and Elton’s new spin on “Tiny Dancer” is expected to drop in August. Elton first released the song on his 1971 record Madman Across The Sea, and it was later released as a single on 1972. The song’s also been a staple on  the rocker’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road world tour.