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Britney Spears: What Her New Song With Elton John Means For The Future Of Her Music Career

Britney Spears & Elton John's newly recorded remix of 'Tiny Dancer' is said to be 'phenomenal' and will be her first new song since 2016!

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Britney Spears was in the recording studio last week with Elton John, 75, doing a remix of his iconic song “Tiny Dancer” — marking the first time that Britney, 40, has recorded new music since the release of her “Glory” album in 2016. After confirming the news on July 25 that the duet has been recorded and is being released in August, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned what this much-anticipated duet means for the Princess of Pop’s future career plans.

According to a source close to Britney, “Although she loved being back in the studio, she isn’t jumping headfirst into a full-fledged music career just yet. She wants to see how everyone reacts to this song before moving forward with more.” Although specific details on the actual track itself are sparse, the source added, “Everyone who has heard rough cuts from it says it is going to be phenomenal. She sang from her heart, and it is still her unique sound but with more of her own real voice.”

So, how did the song come to fruition with Britney and Elton? In 2021, Elton released a remix version of “Cold Heart” with Dua Lipa, 26. It went on to win the 2021 Billboard Music Award for Top Dance/ Electronic Song. “Britney and Elton have been friends for years. She loved the work that Elton did with Dua Lipa and after discussing it with him they both knew that “Tiny Dancer” was the perfect fit,” the source told us.

“The idea for the song was Elton’s idea and he reached out to Britney to personally ask her,” they said. “After giving it some thought, Britney was not able to say no to this opportunity. It is also something that she wanted to do for her fans who have done so much for her,” they added, referring to the #FreeBritney army who fought vigorously to have her released from the 13-year conservatorship that she was placed in by her father Jamie Spears, 70.