Britney Spears Sings ‘Different Version’ Of ‘Baby One More Time’ In New Video

Britney Spears revealed she has 'wanted' to do a re-recorded version of her hit '90s song for '14 years' but was told 'no' as she shaded sister Jamie-Lynn for performing her songs live.

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Britney Spears treated her millions of followers to an a cappella version of one of her biggest hits! The pop star, 40, sang the iconic lyrics to 1998’s “…Baby One More Time” in a video posted (then deleted and re-posted) to her Instagram page on Friday, July 15. Britney proved she’s still got the singing chops as a more mature, raspy voice belted out the lines with no backing or track — just her own vocal chops. In a lengthy post, the Kentwood native revealed that she’s wished to record a “different version” of the tune for 14 years.

“This is me yesterday doing laundry and separating clothes… I haven’t shared my voice in an extremely long time … maybe too log. And here’s me playing at my house with a different version of ‘Baby’,” she wrote in the caption, alongside the post. After typing out some of the lyrics, Britney explained why she’s wanted another version of the track — and also revealed she is upset her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, 31, performed her songs during a 2017 performance at the Radio Disney Music Awards.

“Well I have asked for what I wanted for 14 years … a different version of ‘Baby’ but have the producers actually work for me and put it together … a start,” Britney said, revealing her request was denied. “But as the TEAM said NO and serves me with 4 girls, my sister included, doing a 5 minute version of 4 remixed songs to a T not even having to give effort or dance … just shot it beautifully and the sound was NEW !!! They ruined it for me, embarrassed me and made me feel like absolutely nothing!!!” she said in the emotional outburst.

Britney Spears revealed she’s wanted to re-record her song ‘…Baby One More Time.’ (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Britney was just 17-years-old when the smash hit single was released as the lead single from her album of the same time. The song, written and produced by Swedish music legend Max Martin, went on to become one of the biggest songs in history as it went to the top of the music charts in 22 countries. It was also the best selling single of 1999, and at 10 million copies sold, remains a juggernaut to this day. The school-girl themed video directed by Nigel Dick remains just as iconic and experienced heavy airplay on MTV.

The 2017 performance by Jamie-Lynn was produced as tribute to Britney, mainly centered around her 2011 hit  “Till The World Ends.” Back in 2021, Britney also shared that she was upset that her sister performed “my songs” at the show, and added that her “so-called support system hurt” her “so deeply” in reference to her conservatorship. Notably, the 13 year legal arrangement was terminated in Nov. 2021, giving Britney her freedom back.

“The truth is a f—ing bitch !!! I share this because I am aware of my love and passion to sing … and my own family made a fool of me,” Britney also said. “I’m not going to be a victim !!! HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME ??? Psss I’m sure you advanced musicians think it’s horrible or bad … well WHEN I’M BAD, I’M BETTER…Pssss you say go do it NOW after 14 years of asking and telling… I worked my ass off then I was locked up in one place,” she added, signing off with, “they ruined it for me.”

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