‘The Bachelorette’ Finale Recap: Michelle Gets Engaged To [SPOILER]

It's time for Michelle Young to make her final pick on season 18 of 'The Bachelorette.' Did she end up with Nayte Olukoya or Brandon Jones?

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The Dec. 21 finale of The Bachelorette has Michelle Young down to her final two guys: Nayte Olukoya and Brandon Jones. During the episode, she’ll have one more date with each guy before introducing them to her family. Considering Michelle admitted to falling in love with both Nayte and Brandon during fantasy suites week, there’s a lot of pressure going into this week, which she is hoping will end in an engagement.

Michelle’s first finale date is with Brandon. Brandon actually already got to meet Michelle’s family during a date in her hometown earlier this season, and he already seems to fit right in with the family. Michelle’s dad even says that Brandon would be accepted into the family with open arms if Michelle chooses him, and her mom tells him that she would be “so happy” to have him in the family. Michelle is thrilled with how things went, and said the day was “perfect.”

michelle young
Michelle Young at her final rose ceremony on ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

The next day, it’s Nayte’s turn. He opens up to Michelle’s family about being in love with Michelle and how it’s the first time he’s felt these feelings. Michelle’s parents admittedly get a “different vibe” from Nayte, and find Brandon to be “much warmer” right off the bat. While Brandon flat-out said he would move to Minnesota for Michelle, Nayte admits that he’s “not sure about the logistics” of his future with Michelle, which is a red flag for her family. They’re not sure that Nayte is 100 percent “all in” and ready for an engagement.

Michelle’s parents are open with her about their feelings about Nayte. This hits Michelle hard and brings her to tears. She’s worried that she’s more into Nayte than he is to her, and she brings up these concerns to him. He assures Michelle that he loves her and that he wants a future with her, but she’s still left second guessing.

After winning over Michelle’s family, Brandon gets another one-on-one date with the Bachelorette. The two have a blast jet skiing and get a chance to explore their relationship even further. They reminisce about their time together and Brandon gifts Michelle his favorite sweatshirt, which he was wearing when they woke up together on their fantasy suite date. It’s little moment like this that make Michelle realize how much she cares for Brandon. She tells him that she’s no longer falling in love with him — she’s already in love with him.

michelle young brandon jones
Michelle Young and Brandon Jones on their finale date. (ABC)

Michelle’s final date with Nayte is next. Michelle challenges Nayte to channel his “inner vulnerability” on the date with a ritual that requires them to open up. Nayte continues to struggle with using his words to express his feelings. Michelle is appreciative of his effort, but notices that he still seems to be “uneasy” when it comes to putting his walls down. Finally, Nayte opens up about how scared he is to potentially lose Michelle. It’s the first time he’s expressed these feelings so strongly, and it’s all Michelle has wanted to hear. She feels like she finally has the missing piece of the puzzle in her relationship with Nayte, and there are no more fears or doubts.

Michelle leaves the date feeling like Nayte is her person, but back in her room, she finds a love letter from Brandon. Michelle is in love with both men, and is devastated to have to break one of their hearts. Nayte and Brandon both pick out engagement rings and are prepared to pop the question.

michelle young nayte olukoya
Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya on their final ‘Bachelorette’ date. (ABC)

Brandon arrives to the final rose ceremony first, and Michelle has to break up with him. She’s incredibly emotional after dumping Brandon and walking him out, and Brandon is obviously heartbroken. He sobs after finally saying goodbye to Michelle, and Michelle is also in tears after making her decision.

Although Michelle takes a few minutes to pull herself together, she’s finally ready to greet Nayte. As he promised, he proves he’s ready to get engaged by getting down on one knee and popping the question. Michelle accepts his proposal, and they end the episode happily in love and ready to ride off into the sunset together!