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Michelle Young’s Engagement Ring: See Her Sparkler From [SPOILER]

After getting engaged to [SPOILER] on 'The Bachelorette' finale, Michelle Young is now rocking a new piece of gorgeous bling on her left ring finger!

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Michelle Young is officially engaged! During the Dec. 21 finale of The Bachelorette, Michelle accepted Nayte Olukoya’s proposal on the beach in Mexico. The proposal took place after Michelle dumped Brandon Jones and let Nayte know that he was her final pick. Nayte got down on one knee and popped the question with a stunning Neil Lane engagement ring. The ring featured a pear-shaped diamond, set high on a silver band.

michelle young engagement ring
Michelle Young’s engagement ring. (ABC)

“Michelle, the very first night I met you, I knew right then and there that we had a connection that I wanted to hold onto,” Nayte said at the final rose ceremony. “The second night that we were together, we talked about running away together. I’m standing in front of you right now and the feelings are the same — I want to run away with you. I want to run away to forever with the woman that I’ve come to love. This amazingly, crazy, loud kind of love. Through this journey, you’ve shared a lot of vulnerable sides of your past. I know that you’ve felt unseen at times and I want to let you know that I am completely prepared, willing and ready to make sure that you are always chosen first, seen, now, today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives. I love you, Michelle.”

“From the moment you stepped out of the limo, I felt like there was a connection,” Michelle responded. “It was this kinetic moment where I was feeling things that I didn’t even really know it was possible to feel. Walking into this, my fear was that I would not be loved as much as I love the other person. Through our conversations, there were moments that that fear started to creep in. This has not necessarily been a smooth ride. But I’m also not willing to face that fear of walking away from this without you because I have never felt a love like this before. I love you with my entire heart and don’t ever want to think about waking up next to anyone besides you and doing life with anyone besides you. At the end, I want to be standing in front of my soulmate, and he is definitely standing right in front of me.”

michelle young nayte olukoya
Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya on their finale date. (ABC)

Nayte couldn’t stop smiling as he got ready to propose. “I am absolutely crazy for you. I love you. I don’t ever want to let go,” he said, getting down on one knee. “Michelle Ann Young, will you marry me?” And of course, she said yes!

Michelle hit it off with Nayte from the very beginning. In fact, he was even the recipient of her first impression rose on the very first night of filming. As the season went on, though, Michelle sometimes struggled to get Nayte to open up, which he admitted has always been a struggle for him. Michelle also briefly second-guessed the relationship after hometown dates when Nayte’s stepdad admitted that he might not be ready for an engagement.

michelle young
Michelle Young at her final rose ceremony. (ABC)

However, a night in the fantasy suite turned everything around for Michelle and Nayte. During that date, Nayte assured Michelle that he was ready for a future with her. Behind closed doors, they told each other that they loved each other, and the rest was history. Even though Michelle also had a strong connection with Brandon, and even admitted that she was falling in love with him, too, there was no doubting that Nayte was her guy. Despite her family’s reservations, Michelle realized that she would be devastated to live the rest of her life without Nayte, which is why she chose him.

Michelle and Nayte’s engagement was filmed back in September, so for the past three months, the lovebirds have had to keep their relationship a secret. Now that the finale has aired, though, they’re free to be a couple in the real world! After the recent Bachelorette breakups for Katie Thurston and Tayshia Adams, fans of the franchise are rooting for a couple to work out, so hopefully Michelle and Nayte will be able to make the love last!