Michelle Young: 5 Thing To Know About Star Of 2nd ‘Bachelorette’ Season In 2021

After having her heart broken by Matt James on 'The Bachelor,' Michelle Young is returning for another shot at love on season 18 of 'The Bachelorette'!

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Matt James dumped Michelle Young during the finale of The Bachelor, but this won’t be the last time that Bachelor Nation fans will see her. During After The Final Rose on March 15, host Emmanuel Acho announced that Michelle would be returning as one of TWO new Bachelorettes for 2021. Michelle will film her season over the summer, and it will air some time later this year. Meanwhile, another one of Matt’s contestants, Katie Thurston, will star on season 17 of The Bachelorette, which will air in the show’s usual time slot over the summer.

“I would be lying when I said that when they first told me, I thought we were going to be Bachelorette at the same time,” Michelle gushed. “Once I found out it was two different seasons, I was here for it. I’m excited to have someone to bond with over this and share notes as we go.” Here’s more to know about Michelle:

Michelle Played Division I Basketball

michelle young matt james
Michelle Young and Matt James enjoy a bike ride on their hometown date. (ABC)

While attending college at Bradley University in Illinois, Michelle was on the women’s basketball team. She was on the team from 2011 until 2015. During her junior and senior years, Michelle led her team in scoring and was a first-team scholar athlete. While playing high school basketball, Michelle set her school’s all-time scoring record and earned various honors for her skills on the court.

What Does Michelle Do?

Michelle majored in Elementary Education in college and now works as a teacher in Minnesota. “In her elementary school teacher job, [Michelle] focuses on preparing her students to be the next generation of community leaders,” her ABC bio reads. During Michelle’s hometown date with Matt, she introduced him to some of her students via a Zoom call, and viewers got to see just how dedicated she is to her job!

What Is Michelle Looking For In A Man?

michelle young matt james
Michelle and Matt enjoy some time alone during a one-on-one date. (ABC)

“Admittedly, [Michelle] is an overworker and says she is ready to find love and a man with whom to start a family,” her ABC bio reveals. “As a partner, she describes herself as loyal, compassionate, and supportive, and shows love through acts of service. Her dream man is confident, not cocky, and will look at her as his equal in all things. Michelle has big dreams for her future and wants a man by her side that is supportive and driven to make the world a better place. She is looking for the superman to her superwoman.”

Does Michelle Have Social Media?

michelle young matt james
Michelle Young and Matt James share a kiss on their hometown date. (ABC)

Yes, Michelle is on Instagram, but she’s shockingly very new to the platform — she just joined in 2020! Her page only has nine posts, although she’s racked up more than 175,000 followers due to her lengthy time on The Bachelor. Michelle’s post include a shot of her in the classroom amidst coronavirus, an image of her by a basketball hoop and more. Her Instagram handle is @Michelle.Young.1. 

Michelle Isn’t Afraid To Admit She Loves Food

Wine tasting is one of Michelle’s favorite activities, and she admits that local food trucks are her “favorite restaurants.” Plus, she loves taste-testing ice cream flavors, too!