Khloe Kardashian: How She’s Handling Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Baby Drama

As the paternity drama continues to swirl around Khloe Kardashian's former beau, Tristan Thompson, a source EXCLUSIVELY shared with HL how the reality star is handling the situation.

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Khloe Kardashian, 37, can’t be bothered by the paternity drama surrounding her former boyfriend and father of her first child, Tristan Thompson, 30, a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife, sharing how Khloe has been navigating the waters since the drama dropped. “After the Tristan drama unfolded, Khloe knew she would be asked questions by people everywhere she went,” the source shared. “Khloe wasn’t in hiding because she made a very public appearance for the People’s Choice Awards, but that was a controlled environment where she could dictate the narrative.”

The insider went on to share that Khloe didn’t have the “the time or energy to speak on something that’s none of her business,” adding that the reality star was handling the situation “very maturely” and wouldn’t be cutting Tristan out of her life completely. “At the end of the day, Tristan will always be True’s dad and that’s really all that matters.”

Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian
Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian out for a night on the town (Shutterstock).

The scandal of note continues to unfold, but what we know currently is that Tristan has been accused by Texas trainer Maralee Nicols of being the father of her baby boy she had on Thursday December 2. While the 30-year-old NBA player admitted to having sex with Maralee, he also requested a paternity test. Moreover, an alleged text from Tristan was released where the player supposedly offered her $75,000 to drop the paternity suit.

As all the chaos continues, another source close to the Kardashians revealed to HL that Khloe’s relationship with Tristan was “done” and she doesn’t see the possibility of them getting back together. “He is going to be allowed to have a lifelong relationship with his daughter True and she is not going to prevent him from doing this. But as far as she is concerned, she will never get back together with him, not after this,” the source revealed.

In addition to what our insiders shared, fans can see Khloe handling the incident as well as she can, recently taking a sweet photo of she and True, celebrating their bond beyond whatever issues mom and dad may endure.