Comedian Hannah Berner Teases Her ‘Non-Traditional’ Wedding To Fiancé Des Bishop & Plans For Kids

Comedian Hannah Berner is on tour, engaged & in full on wedding planning mode with fiancé Des Bishop and she EXCLUSIVELY is sharing the deets!

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Comedian Hannah Berner, 30, is engaged to fellow comedian Des Bishop, 45, and she is wasting no time when it comes to planning her unique upcoming nuptials. “We are wedding planning,” Hannah told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on Sept. 10 while discussing her current comedy tour. “It’s going to be May 2022. I’m going a little non-traditional with it,” she added.

Hannah and Des got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2020 after starting their relationship in the summer of 2020. Though the hilarious couple met five years prior, Hannah admits she kissed a lot of frogs to find her prince. While many gals find the dating scene frustrating, Hannah channeled her experiences into her stand-up routine.

“I really just had bad dating experiences and one day got engaged, so it’s hard for me,” Hannah said. “My comedy was all about being single, and then the pandemic happened and now I’m having to write all this new material about being engaged but I still kept a lot of my dating stuff because it’s important. And people are like, “Are you not engaged anymore?” and I’m like, “No, I am, I just still want to vent about dating!”

And they get along so well, that it was a no brainer for the duo to figure out where to have their wedding, either. “We’re going to have the wedding in the Hamptons which will be fun by the beach,” Hannah added. “I’m beginning choosing colors and that stuff I never thought about before. I’m like, ‘Well, am I a blue green type of flower girl? Am I pink orange?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know!’ I’m having some self exploration through that.”

No wedding is complete without a killer dress, and in true Hannah style, she found it in the funniest of places. “I went to a strip mall in the middle of Long Island just to try on some random shapes because you don’t know what you look like in a wedding dress and I swear to God, the first dress I tried on I was like, “I like it,” Hannah revealed. “And I tried on a couple more but I was like, “I like the first one.” And I think you can live life next best thing, next best thing. But this dress spoke to me. We had a little moment. You can shop 6 months for wedding dresses. I picked my dress and I’m committed.”

While she seems to be an easy bride, her different approach to the special day. It will still be surrounded by friends and family and she’s happy to make better memories in the Hamptons after leaving her Summer House days far behind but still holding a close friendship and partnership with her former co-star, Paige Desorbo, 28.

“Paige and I, we are closer than ever and it’s hard to take a friendship that was so silly and goofy and take it into business,” the Giggly Squad podcast co-host said. “I’m not doing a bridal party at all. We’re going to have kind of an intimate wedding. Paige is definitely going to be there but we’re not doing any groomsmen or bridesmaids. Conveniently, he has a family home in The Hamptons and I grew up going to Shelter Island a lot, so the Hamptons to me always meant love and fighting, not always drunk fighting and peeing in hot tubs, so I’m trying to reframe The Hamptons as a place of safety and getting your mental health back when you’re leaving the city, not deteriorating it, if that makes sense!”