Meghan Trainor Admits She ‘Wants A Village’ Of Kids 7 Mos. After Welcoming First Son Riley

Meghan Trainor is all about those babies! The singer admitted she has so much baby fever 7 months after welcoming her first child, Riley!

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Meghan Trainor has taken to motherhood so well and she is already ready for another baby! The pop star spoke to in partnership with Gerber, and admitted that she “wants a village” of kids 7 months after welcoming her first child Riley. “I want the most kids! I just want to know what my body can handle. I’m getting really fit so that I can get pregnant and it could be a little bit easier than last time,” Meghan told HL. “Last pregnancy was great, I didn’t have terrible morning sickness, but I had gestational diabetes, due to genetics, but I’m going to try to beat that this time around.”

The Top Chef Family Style host added that she wants to go into her next pregnancy “healthier than [she’s] ever been” and wants to have a natural birth. “Riley was breached last time, so I had a C section. I want to try this time to push them out natural and see what happens!” Meghan said. She also said she’d “love a girl,” especially because of how close she is with her own brother. “I love my older bro. He loves me. So I want that for my son…And then I want like five more,” she laughed.

Right now, with only one baby at home, Meghan has learned the ins and outs of motherhood, especially when it comes to feeding Riley. “I started feeding him real food, which is terrifying about a month ago, and I had no idea what I was doing. I was dreading it, but I had to do it because it was time,” Meghan explained. However, her first attempt at “mushing up blueberries and spinach” was far from appetizing. “He didn’t eat it,” she admitted.

Meghan Trainor & her son Riley enjoying his first bite of Gerber food! (Courtesy of Gerber)

After that attempt, the “All About That Bass” singer’s mom recommended the tried and true brand Gerber, and Meghan was sold. “They’re all organic, they can show you exactly what farm provided the food and I was like, ‘Oh, I love that!” she recalled. Now, Meghan and the baby food brand are celebrating the exciting milestone of a baby’s first taste of solid food, inviting parents to share a photo or video of their child taking their first bites and using the hashtags #GerberMy1st #sweepstakes and tagging @Gerber! The winner will receive free baby food from Gerber for one year!

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