Larry David Caught Plugging His Ears Amidst Loud Music While Sitting Front Row At NYFW

The volume was a little too high, and the comedy legend seemed to get a little distracted from the fashion show.

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Larry David
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Image Credit: Cynthia Anderson/Shutterstock

You’d think a sonic boom went off! Larry David74, was videotaped, probably not having the best time at a New York Fashion Week show on Sunday September 12. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star put his fingers firmly in his ears, because the music at the Staud fashion show was way too loud! While hopefully it wasn’t too much for Larry, many fans couldn’t help but find the scenario somewhat amusing, since it did almost seem like a scene from Curb.

The video was captured by The Cut senior fashion writer Emilia Petrarca, who included a small joke about how uncomfortable the Seinfeld co-creator looked. “Larry David should come to fashion week more often I think he’d really enjoy it,” she wrote in her caption. Larry sported a black jacket, red shirt, and dark blue pants, as he looked like he was dressed to the nines, as he kept his ears protected. It also looked like his wife Ashley Underwood was seated next to him in a beautiful green outfit. It seems like Larry may be a bit sensitive to volume. He was also videotaped plugging his ears at the U.S. Open over the weekend, in a clip shared by Barstool Sports on Twitter.

Larry David, 71, seated in the front row at NYFW. (Cynthia Anderson/Shutterstock)

Even though Larry looked incredibly uncomfortable as he plugged his ears closed, there did seem like there was a portion of the event that the music was kept at a reasonable volume. Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Versha Sharma also posted a video on Instagram, where the comedy icon was seated in the front row, simply watching the models walk by on the catwalk. She noted in her caption that it was before Emilia’s clip was taken. “this was at the beginning of the show, before the music got too loud for Larry, as evidenced in video taken by @emiliapetrarca,” she wrote in the caption.

While it was certainly silly to see Larry plugging his ears at the Fashion Week show, fans can expect more entertainment from the comedy icon, when Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for its 11th season in October. Hopefully there’ll be plenty more hilarious curmudgeonly behavior!