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Trump Mocked After He Raves Over Larry David Trolling MAGA Hats In ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Larry David got the last laugh when Donald Trump tweeted out an unflattering 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' clip, thinking it was about how cool MAGA hat-wearers are. Oops!

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Donald Trump severely misunderstood the point Larry David was trying to make in the most recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The president, 73, event tweeted out a clip from the episode, mistakenly believing that the liberal comedian was praising him by wearing a MAGA cap. In the episode, Larry, 72, finds out that if he’s wearing a Make America Great Again hat, good people will leave him alone. Being a giant curmudgeon, that’s exactly what he wants out of life. He’s okay with people thinking he’s a Trump supporter, as long as he gets some peace and quiet out of it.

Here’s the thing; Larry is clearly stating that people who wear MAGA hats are loathsome, to the point that nobody wants to associate with them. That’s not what Trump got out of the episode. In the clip he tweeted, Larry is being taunted by a tough biker dude he accidentally cut off. The enraged man repeatedly shouts expletives and threatens Larry. As they stop at a red light, it looks like the man’s going to drag Larry out of the car and beat him up — until Larry puts on a MAGA cap. The biker sees it and apologizes profusely, politely telling him to drive safe next time. Delighted (and confused), Trump captioned the clip, “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!” You can see the tweet below, though Trump will probably delete it once someone clues him in.

Trump was mocked mercilessly on Twitter for not understanding what the clip is actually about, that a man filled with rage who would threaten a stranger (unless the stranger agreed with him), is someone who would be one of his supporters. “Um. I’m guessing Trump didn’t watch this episode of Curb. The story is that Larry finds out if he wears a MAGA hat, people instantly don’t want to be around him, talk to him, deal with him – because the think he’s a MAGA a**hole,” a Curb fan tweeted.

Trump misses the point: In the episode, the point wasn’t to say that Trump fans are ‘tough,’ another viewer tweeted. “It was to say they are obnoxious bullies like Orange Man.”  In case it wasn’t apparent, Larry David detests Trump. When asked in an interview if he worried that his show would repel the MAGA crowd, he said he couldn’t care less. “Alienate yourselves, go, go an alienate, you have my blessing,” Larry said. “No, I could give a f**k.”