‘Hills’ Star Caroline D’Amore Shades Former Friend Mischa Barton: ‘There’s A Sensitivity Chip Missing’

The Hills' Caroline D'Amore and Mischa Barton are pals no more after the former heard the latter tried keeping her off the MTV series.

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The Hills’ newest cast member Caroline D’Amore, 36, was featured on the first season of MTV’s reboot as a good friend of Mischa Barton, 35. But those days are long gone and Caroline thinks her former pal needs to soften up a bit after making some pretty unkind comments about her business. ” It was really hurtful,” Caroline told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on May 27. “It was really insane. That’s my livelihood. It made me feel like — I don’t know — There’s a sensitivity chip missing. Very confusing.”

The Malibu native dubs herself “The Pizza Girl” and she has a line of four organic pasta sauces. Plus, she helps out with her family’s restaurant chain, D’Amore’s Pizza. But that didn’t impress Mischa, who recently took to social media to share a screenshot of an article about her former pal and threw some shade. “As if anyone would watch @carolinedamore try to hoc her boring ass pasta bowls and greasy pizza on tv. Tried that it was like watching paint dry,” Mischa said. The post has since been taken down.

While growing up in the public eye, Mischa was the subject of online bullying, so Caroline is shocked that Mischa would be so hurtful to others in the same way. “I’m not just putting my face on a product and going on a TV show,” Caroline said. “I’m the CEO of this company. It is my everything. I work on it all day every day. She knows that. It’s literally how I put food on the table for my child and you’re going to go bash my business publicly when you have all these followers? It’s abusive and it’s mean. She’ literally went on the show last season to confront somebody about bullying — Perez Hilton — And then she immediately bullied somebody online.”

Though the ins and outs of their fallout remain to be known, Caroline was quick to say it had to do with the hit MTV show. “I found out from some insiders that she was doing some sneaky things behind the scenes to keep me off the show,” Caroline revealed. “weirdly, so when I found that out I called her out on it and that was the last time we spoke.”

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Mischa only did the show for one season and reports are she wasn’t asked to return because she didn’t bring enough drama. But should there be a season 3, Caroline is all for her former friend’s return. “I would be cool with it,” Caroline said. “I hope she gives a little more this time and is a little bit more exciting. I was prepared for her to come back this season. I was ready for it. If she does. I’m a very forgiving person even to a fault, so if she apologizes in some way. There was actually another girl involved who wasn’t on the show last season who’s on the show this season. She actually did call and apologize to me, so I think maybe if there’s an apology we definitely can get along again. We had fun together and I loved her as a friend so it was kind of sad for me.”

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Wednesday at 9pm on MTV.


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