‘Wipeout’s Camille Kostek Reveals Her Desire To Star On ‘DWTS’ After Latest ‘Sports Illustrated’ Shoot

'Wipeout' co-host and 'Sports Illustrated' swimsuit model Camille Kostek reveals why she'd love to join 'DWTS'.

Wipeout co-host and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Camille Kostek, 29, is a busy gal, but she’s hoping to find time in her schedule to join another reality show. “I actually had an interview about [joining Dancing With The Stars] and I was really, really hoping it was going to happen,” Camille told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on May 19. “You just never know until they do the final casting. You never know if it’s going to be your spot.”

Camille has been enjoying her time on set along with her other hosts John Cena, 44, and Nicole Byer, 34. The show, which was revived from 2008, features contestants trying to complete insane obstacle courses. The blond beauty who dates NFL star Rob Gronkowski, 32, also recently shot the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2021 issue for the fourth time, which hits stands this summer.

Although Camille will be busy, should the phone ring for her to put her dancing shoes on, she’ll make it work. “I’m still kind of crossing my fingers that that day will come,” Camille added. “I would love to be able to be challenged in that way. I have a classically trained background in dance, but I don’t know ballroom, I don’t know classical, I don’t know Foxtrot, I don’t know partner dancing, I don’t know lifts. It would be such a challenge still.”

The idea to join the show didn’t come out of thin air, either! Camille, who used to be an on-air journalist, is being influenced by her mentor in the industry. “It’s Erin Andrews,” the all-inclusive Camille Kostek Collection designer revealed. “I love women who break molds. Erin Andrews, especially taking on the world of sports in such a male dominating field, I love her. I love her passion for it. I love how she just keeps going no matter what. I just think that she reports like no one else. Her flare, her personality just shines and then I loved watching her through her seasons on Dancing with the Stars. Growing up a dancer as well, so I definitely turn to her. I would love to continue doing hosting stuff. I’m really excited for season 2. I’m ready to get back up and get into the action again.”

There’s still a lot of Wipeout to be played out this season, but Camille already has next season heavily on the brain. “We’re so excited,” Camille added. “I’ve been waiting and waiting to find out if we get to go back with John and Nicole and we get to do another season of the revive and it’s happening. It’s confirmed so I’m so stoked. I have so much fun on that set.”

Wipeout airs Thursday nights at 9pm on TBS. And if you want to be a part of the next season, it’s happening now throughout Summer of 2021. Duos who are interested, no matter their athletic capability, can apply HERE.


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