‘Married to Medicine’s Anila Sajja Reveals Why It Was ‘Tough’ Joining The Show As The ‘Newbie’

'Married to Medicine's newest cast member Anila Sajja found it difficult to join the cast this season. She explained why in this EXCLUSIVE interview!

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Bravo’s Married to Medicine captures the lives of six strong women in Atlanta that are involved in the medical field, whether they’re married to a doctor or one themselves. This season we were introduced to Anila Sajja, 42, who didn’t find it easy to join the cast. “These ladies have been together for 8 years now and they know each other very well and they have a lot of history,” Anila told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on April 19. “Initially it was very tough to come in as the newbie and understand their history and really getting a word in. That was kind of tough.”

Married to Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kiran Sajja for 8 years, Anila has focused her life pre-show on other things. Being a mom to two children and running her successful fashion and lifestyle blog, Peplum & Bubblegum, has been her focus. “I’d describe my blogging more tailored to the moms that are out there. That’s kind of my niche,” she said. “The ones that are still trying to look trendy and fashionable and want to buy things at an affordable place. Even clothing from Target or Amazon to higher ends like Revolve and good brands that are out there. I’ll stretch from the cheapest things to the very expensive stuff. It’s mainly towards the moms that are just trying to look stylish. They have their kids and want to look comfortable or cute or go on a date night and look hot! I’ll give you a little bit of everything. Hopefully down the line, I’ll have my own line. That would be something I’d love to do, be in a department store or have my own boutique out there.”

Anila is clearly a boss herself, but her cast members Dr. Simone Whitmore, 54, Dr. Jackie Walters, 62, and Toya Bush-Harris, 45, have been on the show as original cast members since the beginning. Though this could be intimidating as we saw on the show when some of the ladies were giving Toya and Anila shade for not being doctor’s, Anila promises she finally is finding her voice in the group. “You will see me speak up in a different area,” Anila revealed. “It’s kind of just really childish to be honest. Just because we’re not doctors doesn’t mean we’re not intelligent. That doesn’t even make sense. I think it’s just throwing shade and that’s why I threw it back.”

Despite the disses from her cast members Dr. Heavenly, 50, and Dr. Contessa, 44, who referred to Anila and Toya as “unintelligent” because they’re not doctors, Anila isn’t bothered. “I’m OK that I’m not,” Anila said. “My husband’s a doctor and that’s his thing. If I don’t know about the medical talk they’re having, I’m fine with it. They shouldn’t expect me to know about it or anything. I do what I do. I enjoy blogging, fashion — that’s what I do. It’s not all what we talk about. We talk about everything. I love being a doctor’s wife.”

Even with the drama and shady comments, Anila is happy to have new friends and a new experience. “I’ve loved meeting the ladies,”  Anila said. “It’s been great. Obviously in the beginning it was a little hard to get my word in, but once I was able to, it’s been a lovely journey. It’s been great. I think our show gives a lot. We give a touch of the lives of doctors and doctor wives and especially this past year, dealing with the pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement, being able to go on March on Washington, we kind of gave a little bit of everything. I had an amazing experience.”

Married to Medicine airs Sunday nights at 9pm on Bravo.

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