Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Mother’s Day Gift Guide Includes $150 Vibrator Necklace & $230 Scrunchie

Mother's Day is coming up, and of course, that means we're getting a new, outrageous gift guide from the queen of wellness, Gwyneth Paltrow.

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It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without Goop visionary Gwyneth Paltrow dropping a gift guide, packed with items the average person would never even dream of purchasing. 2021 is no different, and her latest list includes a reliable slew of pricey present picks, including a $6000 Chanel handbag, a $4000 diamond tennis bracelet, and even a $150 vibrator necklace. Yes, the Goop lineup is as bonkers as ever.


This year, Gwyneth’s team included some of the most outlandish items in the “ridiculous but awesome” category. It lists everything from a $4000 stroller, to a $230 Hermes scrunchie — yes, you read that right. A hat was also included on the list, which is hand-embroidered with the exact position of the stars, planets and moon the moment you were born. Of course, it comes with a $2500 price tag. Some other notable mentions include a $650 bidet, a $65,000 sensory pod and $105,000 luxury yacht getaway in Croatia.

Despite all of her ridiculousness, Gwyneth is completely self-aware, as is her mini-me daughter Apple Martin, 16, who recently made fun of her mother’s very involved morning wellness routine. The teenager totally roasted her mother in a hilarious TikTok, reacting to her Beauty Secrets video with VogueApple titled it:  “A morning with my mom Gwyneth Paltrow”.


“So first my mom drinks her Goopglow Superpowder and she eats nothing except for dates and almond butter. So she will have that,” the teenager deadpans. “I suppose the Goopglow is a part of her cleanse, which she’s been on since the day I was born, apparently .. It’s 8:00am and she’s been doing this since 7:00am. She just prances around the bathroom putting on her millions of Goopglow products for her glowing skin.” Apple then hilariously mocked some of her mom’s much talked about Goop products.

“Then she gets to work making some more vagina eggs and candles, also vagina candles, and vagina perfumes, and just everything vagina,” she joked. “And yeah, that’s my mom’s morning routine.” In the original clip, Gwyneth revealed she uses nearly $900 worth of products on her face every morning. Some of her favorites include Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum ($185), Jillian Dempsey’s Gold Sculpting Bar ($195), and Goopglow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator ($125).

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