Elise Loehnen: 5 Things To Know About The Brain Behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘The Goop Lab’

Gwyneth Paltrow's 'The Goop Lab' officially dropped on Netflix, and the much talked about series is here to introduce Elise Loehnen, one of Goop's ladies in charge.

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Gwyneth Paltrow‘s six-episode docu-series The Goop Lab debuted on Netflix Jan. 24 and focuses on everything from energy healing to cold therapy, and so on. But before you binge through the episodes to get an insider look at the brand, you should meet one Goop staffer, who is likely poised to make waves on the internet. Elise Loehnen isn’t just Goop’s Chief Content Officer; she serves as Gwyn’s right-hand-woman throughout the series. Here are five things you need to know about Elise.

1) Elise plays a major role in The Goop Lab. Think of Elise as Gwyn’s sidekick throughout the series. Not only does she sit down for interviews with potential experts, she also joins other Goop staffers for some of the exploration exercises. On the show, Elise really puts herself out there for the sake of The Goop Lab experience. The first episode sees Elise trying mushrooms for a psychedelic therapy session. All told, she has a hard time keeping it together and has spurts of laughter while her coworkers confront some intense traumas. During the fourth episode, audiences watch as Elise tries to lower her biological age by going on a vegan and pescetarian diet for nearly a month. Finally, Elise undergoes what she feels like is “an exorcism” when she gives her body over to the energy experience.

2) She already has a major following on social media. Although Elise’s first foray into the public eye will be with The Goop Lab, she’s already amassed over 19 thousand followers on Instagram alone. When it comes to her content, Elise regularly posts Goop affiliated content. Many of her posts, when they aren’t inspirational quotes, are photos of her with Gwyn, special guests like Sarah Paulson and Gloria Steinem, and a few images of her young family.

3) Elise has served as Goop’s Chief Content Officer for roughly six years. Elise joined the team at Goop’s Los Angeles headquarters in February 2014. When asked for her Goop site bio what her favorite story she published was while in her role, Elise humbly replied, “That’s like asking me to pick my favorite editor!”

4) She has quite the impressive resume. Prior to joining Gwyneth at Goop, Elise was the VP of Marketing and Creative Services at Shopzilla, worked in various editorial roles for the digital publishing company Conde Nast, and was the Shopping News Editor for Lucky Magazine, according to her LinkedIn page.

5) Elise is a graduate of Yale University. The Goop staffer earned her degree in English and Fine Arts when she graduated in 2002. Intrigued? You can see more of Elise in The Goop Lab when it hits Netflix on Jan. 24!