Why Billie Eilish Ditched Her Green Hair For A More Sophisticated Blonde Look — Her Brother Reveals

'Bad Guy' hitmaker Billie Eilish has totally switched up her look, ditching her iconic black and green tresses for a bright blonde 'do. Here's why.

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Image Credit: JM Enternational/Shutterstock

Billie Eilish‘s brother Finneas has revealed why the 19-year-old hitmaker decided to debut a totally new hair look. Just a couple of weeks after the Grammy winner shared a selfie with her blonde ‘do, TMZ caught her big bro while leaving Blue Bottle Coffee in Los Angeles, and asked why she decided to ditch her iconic black and green look. “Hair is the easiest way to feel like you’re evolving as a person,” he explained. “Whenever you change your hair style or dye it a different color you feel like you’re growing up a bit.”

When asked if he thought the new look was “signifying a new era,” he replied, “Yeah I think so, it took a long time, a lot of different sessions. They wanted to do it really healthy … I think it looks great.” Fans of the singer would know her IG selfie debuting the new look became one of the most liked photos in the history of the platform.

Finneas thinks people were so invested in the new look because, “the green roots were such a recognizable thing.” He continued, “whenever there’s a point of change, people get excited and fixated on it, but I think it’s deserving it looks really great.” As for whether she’s planning to maintain the ‘do throughout the entire rollout of her next album: “You’d have to ask her,” Finneas told the outlet, noting that he couldn’t “confirm or deny” whether they were set to release new music.

Billie before her hair makeover. Image: JM Enternational/Shutterstock

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