At Home With Mary Fitzgerald: ‘Selling Sunset’ Star Tours Room Where ‘Magic Happens’ With Husband

'Selling Sunset' star Mary Fitzgerald and her husband, Romain Bennett, revealed their 'three favorite rooms' and more during an EXCLUSIVE home tour.

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As expected of someone known for her expertise in luxury real estate on Netflix’s hit series Selling Sunset, Mary Fitzgerald‘s new home is a reflection of her refined taste for home design and art. The 39-year-old reality television star and her husband, model Romain Bennett, traded their condo in West Hollywood for a cozy yet open home in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Valley Village in Jan. 2021. About two months after settling in, the couple was ready to give HollywoodLife an EXCLUSIVE tour of their “three favorite rooms” in their new home and explained why they “like them.”

mary fitzgerald house
The living room in Mary and Romain’s Valley Village home. [HollywoodLife]
The first stop on this virtual tour was their “favorite room”: the living room. “Yes, the living room, where we spend probably most of the time…when we get to be home,” Romain teased. It was a perfect mix of modernity and coziness: “vaulted ceilings” gave the room, which featured a fire place, the feel of an elevated farmhouse. The only form of entertainment wasn’t just the room’s generously-sized flat screen television; there was also a “little bar” tucked into one side of the room.

The space was intimate, yet spacious. Mary pointed out how the home’s “nice open floor plan” flowed right into the dining room. A streamlined wooden dining table sat adjacent to the living room. While no partition or wall separated the designated eating area from the living room, Mary observed that they loved the free-flowing layout because “it’s really open” and just has “a warm, comfy  feeling,” the Oppenheim Group real estate agent told HollywoodLife.

Mary Fitzgerald House
Mary showed off the warmly-lit dining room in her new room. [HollywoodLife]
The overall room was quite minimalist with a color palette of neutral-toned grays, browns and shades of off-white. “We like light colors, which is why we chose this color scheme with just a little pop of color from the art pieces,” Mary said, gesturing towards the graphic prints from the artist Mr. Brainwash framed along the back wall of the living room. The room is awash in even more light during the day, thanks to the sky windows installed in the living room’s ceiling.

mary fitzgerald house
“I’m a huge fan of art. I go to Art Basel every year except this year because it wasn’t open, but I have artwork all throughout the house. This is Mr. Brainwash behind me,” Mary said as she showed off some of the house’s artwork, which also includes pieces from Aye Wei Wei and James Coldcrown. [HollywoodLife]
Mary then took a break from touring their favorite rooms to step outside and show off the couple’s backyard. “So one of the things I love about our new home is our outdoor living space. We came from a condo type of situation before and now we have a nice yard for our dogs to run and play in,” the Selling Sunset star said as she panned the camera to reveal an outdoor entertaining area paved with rustic red brick, set against lush green grass, trees and flowers.

Mary Fitzgerald house
Mary and Romain are happy to have a backyard after living in a condo! [HollywoodLife]
The Netflix star stepped back into her room for a pit stop in the kitchen, featuring sleek white cabinetry and grey walls. However, Mary put the spotlight on two of her cherished kitchen tools: a Nespresso coffee machine (which she says “saves [their] lives”) and a Ninja air fryer (because she “cannot cook”).

mary fitzgerald house
“Now I know this is silly, but this baby right here saves our lives. Romain and I are very, very addicted to coffee. We work a lot. We’re always on the go and we love our Nespresso machine,” Mary said as she showed off her beloved coffee maker. [HollywoodLife]
Mary and Romain’s home also has a hidden surprise: a fully-equipped gym, complete with a mounted flat-screen TV. “So this is a new room that we did not have before in our other house. I have finally started to use it again. We’ve got the mirror, the Peloton, another stationary bike over here,” Mary said as she spun the camera around the exercise room. Like the rest of the home, this room too was laid with wooden flooring.

mary fitzgerald house
The couple’s gym is equipped with the celebrity-favorite Peloton bike. [HollywoodLife]
Finally, the home tour reached “the masterpiece” where “all magic” happens, as Romain cheekily put it: the master bedroom! He pointed to a plush white bed outfitted with a fuzzy brown blanket overthrow and decorative geometric pillow, which sat upon a floating grey bed frame. A marble art print hung over the large bed, which was bordered on both sides by warm yellow atom-shaped lights.

“And then all of the rooms go out to a courtyard right through these doors,” Mary added as she pointed to side sliding doors in the master bedroom, which were hidden behind sweeping grey curtains. She continued, “We have a beautiful front yard for the dogs to run and play, completely private and gated so we love our new home.”

mary fitzgerald house
Romain pointed to where the “magic” happens: the master bedroom. [HollywoodLife]
Mary and Romain still need to break in their beautiful home, however. “Unfortunately, we have not gotten to spend a lot of time here because we are both essential workers,” Mary said, but added that they are both “looking forward to spending time here.” Romain finished off the virtual home tour with HollywoodLife , telling us, “It feels like really our home. It’s really private with the whole gate. It’s nice to have a little space.”

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