At Home With Christine Evangelista: See Inside ‘The Arrangement’ Star’s Luxe Hamptons Hideaway

Christine Evangelista gave HollywoodLife an EXCLUSIVE tour of her stunning home. Take a look inside her 'creative haven' in the Hamptons.

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Christine Evangelista, who starred on The Arrangement and The Walking Dead, usually lives a “nomadic” lifestyle thanks to her busy career. But, like most people, the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to spend a ton of time at home. Fortunately, the 33-year-old beauty made the most of her downtime and has used it to turn her house into her “dream creative haven.”

Christine gave HollywoodLife an EXCLUSIVE tour of her beautiful home and opened up about how she found “peace” there during the many months of quarantine. During the tour, the New York born actress was followed by her two rescue dogs Buddy and Holly. She explained, “Holly is actually a quarantine dog that we adopted from a shelter in LA, and she’s been a total blessing. Unless she sees a rabbit, or a chicken and then it’s a fatal situation.”

Christine Evangelista Home Tour Video
Christine Evangelista plays with her rescue dog in the backyard of her Bridgehampton, New York home.

Although Christine is still keeping the identity of her boyfriend private, she did reveal that they live together: “My boyfriend and I both very much consider this part of the world to be our home. But because we’re both so nomadic by nature we don’t really get to spend a lot of time here. Except for the last few months, which has been really great because we’ve been able to make this place the creative haven that we really need it to be.”

Of course, everyone needs some solo time and Christine revealed she likes to escape to her bathroom for hers. And when you see her sumptuous bathtub you’ll understand why. “Sometimes I need some alone time and this is where that happens, my bathroom. I listen to podcasts in the morning. I sometimes lounge around and do my makeup, if I feel like it. And I’ve developed a new hobby that I never knew I needed and that is sitting in the bathtub and watching Bravo. It makes me really happy to just sit here, with a face-mask on, and watch some crappy TV.

Christine Evangelista Home Tour Video
Christine Evangelista’s picture perfect tub has a view of her backyard – and a big screen TV where she watches her favorite BRAVO shows.

“Another little sanctuary that I have in the house is this little seating area that’s actually just outside of my bathroom. And I’ll come out here every morning with a cup of coffee. I’ll let the dogs out, and just sit here in this chair and meditate. And it’s been really great for me to have some daily structure and a small ritual to help me start my day.”

Christine has many artistic touches in her meticulously decorated home — including a sketch table that is over 100 years old. “This is one of my favorite pieces,” she shared. “It’s this drawing table that we got from a vintage store in town. It’s from the early nineteen-hundreds and it’s absolutely stunning. It’s really well made. And it’s great to just sit here and sketch and draw. It faces just outside my seating area, and it makes me really happy.”

But the center of her home, and the place where she spends the most time, is her kitchen. “My heart really is in the kitchen, and I felt really lucky to be able to cook for my family, and have regular dinners with people that I love and care about. And it’s been a real passion of mine, the last few months.”

Christine Evangelista Home Tour Video
Christine Evangelista’s gleaming kitchen is every chef’s dream.

Christine often shares her recipes on her Instagram page, so fans can try their hand at her favorite dishes.