‘Mama June’ Preview: Mama June Is ‘Freaking’ Out & Fears She’s Going To Jail

Mama June learns she has to be in court and is scared jail time might be on the horizon in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'Mama June: Road To Redemption.'

A very agitated Mama June Shannon talks with her lawyer on the phone in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the Mama June: Road to Redemption premiere. When she gets off the phone, she tells her boyfriend Geno Doak, “That was our lawyer that just called, and we have to be at court in the morning.”

According to Mama June, the lawyer has no idea why they have to be in court the next day. “And you know that DA over there does not like you at all,” June tells Geno. Geno thinks there’s something “fishy” to all of this. “Are they trying to pull some sh*t to get us over there to lock us up? Less than 24 hours notice, that’s not how sh*t normally works. What if we go to jail?” Geno wonders.

Mama June
Mama June in the ‘Mama June: Road to Redemption’ premiere. (WE tv)

Mama June tries not to panic. “I mean, I don’t know. We’ll figure it out then,” she says. Geno quips, “Tomorrow’s going to be too late to figure it out.”

In their confessional, the reality has settled in for Mama June. “I’m facing a couple years,” she says. “Geno’s facing 10 years. We may not even get to see each other. I’m kind of like freaking the hell out. We don’t know what to expect in the morning.” Geno admits he’s “really freaking out” about this.

Mama June doesn’t want Geno to think so negatively as they prepare for tomorrow. “Just because we stopped screwing up don’t mean we didn’t screw up,” Geno tells her. June says that they have changed their lives around. However, it may not be enough. “We changed our life around, but we still got caught with dope. We screwed up. There’s consequences to that,” Geno says.

Geno Doak
Geno Doak is scared about possible jail time. (WE tv)

This court date stems from Mama June and Geno’s 2019 arrest. Police were called to the scene after Mama June and Geno allegedly got into a fight at an Alabama gas station in March 2019. The couple was then arrested on drug charges. A representative for the District Attorney’s Office of Macon County told HollywoodLife in a statement: “She was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. The complaint reads that the substance is believed to be crack cocaine, although that cannot be confirmed until the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences has conducted their investigation. No court dates have been set as of yet.”

In this season of Mama June: Road to Redemption, Mama June and Geno are quarantined together in Florida and celebrating one year of sobriety. Though some fear she’s not committed to her recovery, she’s back, sober, and ready to heal her fractured family. Mama June: Road to Redemption premieres on March 19 at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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