How Lori Harvey & Michael B. Jordan Keep Their ‘Great’ Love Alive While He’s Away Filming Movies

Sources EXCLUSIVELY share with HollywoodLife how Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan maintain their romance.

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Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are still going strong after more than two months of dating, and they’re making their romance work while the beloved actor, 34, stays busy and lines up new movie projects. A source close to the model, 24, revealed that, for Lori, Michael’s hectic movie schedule isn’t difficult to deal with whatsoever. “Lori has always been a fiercely independent woman and she’s also got all the confidence in the world,” the source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “She feels blessed to be with the most amazing man on the planet, but she also knows what she signed up for when they started dating,” they went on.

But having come into her own in the limelight herself, “Lori understands that Michael’s career will have him traveling the globe for work, being on set for weeks and months at a time, and that she may not always be able to see him for extended periods of time,” the source shared. Fortunately, the sweet couple has found ways to make their relationship work in the most mature, consistent manner. “That’s why they make such an effort to get the quality time in whenever they can,” the source shared.

Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey leaving St Bart’s on January 21, 2021. The couple enjoyed a romantic vacation for the model’s 24th birthday [EliotPress/MEGA].
Of course, Lori is also totally fine, and actually enjoys, being on her own, too! “While Michael is in New York filming, Lori is happy focusing on ‘me time’ and she headed to LA for some pampering. They make sure to stay connected by FaceTiming whenever they can, texting, etc and she’ll likely make plans to visit him in New York if she hasn’t already,” the source added, referencing Michael’s current project filming in NYC, Journal for Jordan.

A secondary source reiterated to HL that “Lori and Michael don’t believe in a long-distance relationship ruining a great relationship. They understand what they both got into dating each other and time together is wonderful, but time away is OK because it is leading to their continued success in the future,” the source went on.

Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey strolling in the port during their vacation in St Barts on January 18, 2021. They shared a slew of snaps from the getaway, which included yachting and more [EliotPress/MEGA].
It’s true that Lori and Michael are both incredibly successful in their chosen professions. Michael’s film career continues to reach new heights, and Lori’s modeling work just keeps getting better. What makes their relationship even better is that they understand that there will be time that they have to spend apart. “Lori and Michael love what they have and aren’t interested in ruining it by focusing on any struggle they might have being apart,” our secondary source shared.

“They talk all the time, they always see each other or hear from each other one way or another,” the source continued. Indeed, it’s actually the dedication to their work that attracted the two to each other. “It is attractive to both of them on how successful and goal-oriented they are in their professional life that when they have the chance to be together romantically and as just great friends, it is just an amazing thing all around.” If there was any doubt about the hot young couple’s romance, our secondary source assures that “Lori and Michael are so very happy, no one should worry about their future because they aren’t worried about it themselves.”

HollywoodLife reached out to Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s reps prior to publication.