Michael B. Jordan Reveals Why He’s More Open About Relationship With Lori Harvey

Michael B. Jordan explains to 'Men's Health' why he feels more comfortable sharing his personal life on Instagram — specifically his romance with Lori Harvey!

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Image Credit: Leonardo Volcy

Michael B. Jordan doesn’t have it all figured out at 34, but he’s proud of his purpose thus far. The Without Remorse actor discussed the latter and more personal topics — including his first public girlfriend, 24-year-old model, Lori Harvey — in a new interview with Men’s Health, in which he poses shirtless in the ocean on the April cover. (It’s understandable if you need a moment after viewing such an image.)
Michael B. Jordan covers the April 2021 issue of Men’s Health. (Photo credit: Leonardo Volcy)

The fairly private actor went public with the romance in early January after months of dating speculation. “For all the success that I’ve had, there’s going to be negative reactions and opinions thrown at me. That just comes with it,” he admitted about the scrutiny that comes with fame. “When you’re younger, you’re just frustrated, but when you start to realize that this is what it is, you start to understand. I’m never going to make everybody happy. People are always going to have their opinions about me. People can make up something completely false that has no f–king substance or anything, and there’s going to be 100,000 people that are going to believe it and that’s going to be their opinion of me,” Michael explained, noting he’s learned that “I can’t do anything about that, and I’ve just got to accept that and keep moving in my purpose.”

When they decided to make their relationship public, Michael and Lori seemingly coordinated matching Instagram posts that included PDA photos from their New Year’s celebrations in Utah. — A decision that was likely well thought-out since Michael had never previously shared his past romances on social media, let alone in the public eye.

Michael B. Jordan covers the April 2021 issue of Men’s Health. (Photo credit: Leonardo Volcy)

The Black Panther actor continued, “People that know me know my heart. But people that know me for my work . . . they know what I allow them to know. The fact that I’ve been so closed off about a lot of parts of my life was a personal choice. As I’ve gotten older and a little more mature and comfortable in my own skin, I’ve become less concerned about it.”

Michael B. Jordan for Men’s Health, April 2021. (Photo credit: Leonardo Volcy)

In January, fans noticed that Michael had become more loose about his posts on Instagram. Instead of his usual movie and film-focused uploads, he began sharing more off-camera photos and intimate details about his life — specifically with Lori. Additionally, a source recently told HollywoodLife that the relationship is “very serious.”

Michael B Jordan & Lori Harvey pictured leaving St Bart’s on January 21, 2021. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

While Michael told Men’s Health that he’s still keen on keeping many things about his personal life private, we’re glad he’s coming into his own and feeling comfortable sharing more!