Steve Harvey Reveals Whether He Approves Of Stepdaughter Lori Dating Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey let his feelings be known towards Michael B. Jordan, and if he is on board with the actor's romance with his stepdaughter Lori Harvey.

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Michael B. Jordan has girlfriend Lori Harvey‘s stepdad Steve Harvey‘s seal of approval…even if the 64-year-old doesn’t think the Creed star is worthy of his current title of Sexiest Man Alive. The Family Feud host appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Feb. 25 and revealed, “Let’s be clear about something. He is a nice guy, yeah, but he is not the sexiest man alive to me at all.” The comedian stated he is the Sexiest Man Alive. “All these people I’m paying for. Hell, if that ain’t sexy, what is?” he explained, referring to his seven kids and seven grandchildren. The conversation takes place starting at the 9:41 mark in the above video.

Steve then joked, “I’ve never been attractive, I knew that. That’s why I had to come up with these damn jokes. But this kid, I like him. I’m pulling for him,” he said of he 34-year-old actor, who has been dating Lori, 24, since Nov. 2020. The pair was first photographed together when getting off a plane in her hometown of Atlanta just before the Thanksgiving holiday. They went Instagram official as a couple in January, after ringing in the New Year together at a ski resort in Utah.

Michael B Jordan and girlfriend Lori Harvey leave St Bart’s on Jan. 21, 2021 after a yachting vacation with her stepdad Steve Harvey. Photo credit: Mega.

Jimmy then brought up how Michael got so much attention for showering Lori with the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever, even renting out a giant aquarium with rose petals and candles, where they had a multi-course dinner while various sea creatures swam above and around them. Steve then joked about how it might be impossible for the Black Panther star to top himself now.

“Yeah, well, good luck, homie,” Steve responded. “You know, Valentine’s come every year. I don’t know if you know how this works or not, but I don’t know how you gonna top that. But good luck, partner.” Steve then got serious and said that while it was sweet, Michael went a little overboard in spoiling his daughter for Valentine’s day. “I mean, it was really nice what he did, you know, I’m happy for him. He’s a great guy, met his father and everything. But uh—that’s was a lot. That was a lot,” he explained.

Steve Harvey revealed he hasn’t been a fan of any of his stepdaughter Lori’s past boyfriends. Photo credit: Mega. 

The good news for Michael is that Steve literally said he is the only boyfriend of Lori’s that he’s approved of. The radio host seemed to throw shade at Lori’s list of famous exes with the comment, as the list reportedly includes FutureTrey SongzDiddy and his son Justin Combs.

The comment came when Jimmy asked Steve if he thought it would be a good idea for someone dating one of his daughters to read the comedian’s relationship books. “I think it would be better if my daughters read the damn books. That would be the smarter move,” Steve explained, adding, “Look man, when your kids grow up they can make decisions on their own. I’m just happy that I can approve of one.” That surprised Jimmy, who asked, “You didn’t approve of the previous suitors?” and Steve responded with a stone-faced expression, “Nothing ever. Ever. Pure hatred.” Wow! Michael should consider himself lucky to be the first man to get Lori’s dad’s stamp of approval.