Chrissy Teigen Jokes About Accidentally Offending Katy Perry At Inauguration: ‘I Wanted To Die’

Chrissy Teigen's compliment after Katy Perry's 'Firework' performance may have been totally misread, she told Jimmy Fallon!

The night of Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration is one that Chrissy Teigen will never forget… and not necessarily in a good way. The Cravings: Hungry for More author, 35, visited The Tonight Show on March 9 and said that while she had an “amazing” time supporting husband John Legend as he performed at the Celebrating America special, she may have accidentally ended the night by offending Katy Perry. Oops!

Chrissy explained that toward the end of the January 20 event she approached Katy to rave over her triumphant performance of “Firework” on the National Mall. Katy, dressed head to toe in white, sang her 2010 hit as fireworks burst behind her in the sky around the Washington Monument. Chrissy’s compliment didn’t go the way she had rehearsed it in her head. “I remember I was so scared because we ran into Katy Perry after, and I always say dumb things,” she told host Jimmy Fallon.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry performs ‘Firework’ at the ‘Celebrating America’ special following Joe Biden’s inauguration, 1/20/21 (Shutterstock)

“I always get so nervous, and I say faux pas, and then I hadn’t seen Katy for so long,” Chrissy continued, cringing. “I was like, ‘Oh, I typically hate fireworks, but that was like amazing, that was beautiful.’ And then I think she heard that I said I hate ‘Firework,’ like the song.” The Lip Sync Battle host said that she wished she had been a bit clearer after hearing the words leave her mouth. “I wanted to die, I felt so bad,” she recalled. “‘No, no, no, not ‘Firework.” I always do that.”

Chrissy also spoke to Jimmy about another regret she’s had in 2021: asking President Joe Biden to follow her on Twitter. While finding out that she was one of the 13 people the POTUS account follows was thrilling, she quickly realized she’d made a huge mistake. Biden could actually see what she posts on her “hellhole” account! “The second it happened I was like, ‘Oh [bleep].'”

Chrissy Teigen John Legend Luna
Chrissy Teigen joins husband John Legend and their daughter onstage at a rally for VP Kamala Harris, 11/2/20 (Shutterstock)

“And I truly — I think I sent like two tweets in two weeks and people were worried. I don’t believe he’s like Trump and actively scrolling through, but it was so amazing that he followed me because I had been shunned for four years. I couldn’t see anything that was being said. But then it just became too much,” Chrissy explained. All’s right with the world again, though; POTUS obliged after Chrissy begged him on Twitter to unfollow her!

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