‘WandaVision’ Recap: Wanda Makes A Game-Changing Move & Pietro Stirs Up Questions

The stage is being set for an epic finale. 'WandaVision' episode 6 was a classic Halloween episode and featured Wanda going to great lengths to protect Vision and her Westview bubble.

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WandaVision episode 6 kicks off in the 2000s with a clear nod to Malcolm in the Middle with the new opening credits, which now feature Wanda’s brother, Pietro, played by FOX’s Evan Peters. It’s the Halloween episode, and the gang is getting all dressed up. Wanda comes downstairs in a costume that is reminiscent of the look Wanda wears in the comics. She says she’s dressed as a “Sokovian fortune teller,” but the twins think she looks like “old Red Riding Hood.” Vision graces us with his presence with a very colorful look that is a nod to the comics as well. Pietro, ever the goofball in this sitcom, tries to guess what Vision is dressed up as and they land on “booger.”

When Wanda thanks Vision for humoring her by dressing up, he quips that there’s “no other clothes” in his closet. He’s headed off to neighborhood watch, which upsets Wanda. Pietro decides to tag along with Wanda and the twins. He dresses up as an old version of Quicksilver, as does Tommy.

Wanda’s brother, Pietro, returns but as Evan Peters. (Marvel Studios)

Outside the Hex, Monica is going off to Hayward about the missile. He doesn’t think Wanda is going to negotiate and wants to get rid of her. “If Wanda is our problem, she has to be our solution,” Monica stresses. Hayward tells Monica that she doesn’t know what it was like during the Blip and “what it took to keep the lights on.” He twists the knife by saying it wasn’t a “good thing” she wasn’t here when her mother died because she doesn’t have the “stomach for this job.” He sends Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy on their way. They’re out.

While out trick-or-treating with the kids, Wanda begins to ask Pietro about their past. He thinks she’s “testing him” and acknowledges that he looks “different.” There’s a subtle Kick-Ass reference thrown in, a nod to both Pietros Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters who starred in the 2010 film.

Billy, Tommy, and Pietro cause trouble on Halloween being the mischievous boys they are. Wanda finds out from Herb that Vision is not actually on neighborhood watch. Vision is doing a watch of his own. As he walks through the neighborhood, he sees a couple repeating the same motion over and over again.

Wanda and Vision’s ‘perfect’ life is unraveling. (Marvel Studios)

Wanda continues to press Pietro for information. “What happened to your accent?” she asks. He replies, “What happened to yours?” He confesses that “details are fuzzy” regarding his life before now. Meanwhile, Vision has made it to deeper parts of the neighborhood where people are barely moving. He flies up to see where the Hex ends and sees a car stopped. It’s Agnes. An emotionless Agnes says she “got lost.” When Vision touches her, she’s revived. “You’re one of the Avengers. You’re Vision. Are you here to help us?” she pleads.

The thing is, Vision doesn’t know what an Avenger is. “Am I dead?” Agnes asks. Vision says, “No, why would you think that?” Agnes simply replies, “Because you are.” She admits that Wanda won’t even “let us think about” leaving Westview. (It’s also worth noting that Agnes is NOT wearing her usual white pendant that she’s worn in the previous episodes.)

Darcy discovers that Hayward has found a way to look through the boundary. He’s also tracking Vision, who is walking to see what’s beyond the Hex. Monica is gearing up to go back inside. She just needs to meet up with her “guy” who is going to help her do it. Darcy doesn’t think Monica should be going back inside. The energy inside the Hex has “rewritten” her cells. It’s changing her. Monica doesn’t care. She’s going to do what it takes to save innocent lives and figure out what’s going on with Wanda. Darcy stays behind to try and get past Hayward’s last firewall. She has a feeling he’s hiding something.

Monica and Jimmy outside Westview. (Marvel Studios)

Now the tables have turned. Pietro begins asking Wanda how she made Westview happen. “I don’t know how I did it,” she says. “I only remember feeling completely alone. empty. I just… endless nothingness.” When she turns back to Pietro, she sees dead Pietro, his body filled with gunshots.

Vision breaks through the Hex, and he begins to come apart. Billy hears his dad struggling and tells Wanda. Darcy wants to help Vision, but she’s arrested. “People need help!” Vision screams. He continues to disintegrate. Wanda asks Billy to tell her where Vision is. Pietro rudely quips that it’s “not like your dead husband can die twice.” With no regard for who could be witnessing her use her powers, she pushes Pietro across the town square.

Wanda freezes everyone and everything once she hears about Vision. Using her powers, the Hex begins to expand. It covers Vision, bringing him back to life. Darcy is covered by the Hex as well since she’s handcuffed to a car. The entire S.W.O.R.D. headquarters is covered, and the employees are turned into characters. Hayward is trying to beat the Hex from getting him, and it’s quite the chase. Suddenly, Wanda just stops, and that’s where episode 6 ends. Wanda is more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. That’s our girl.

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