Teen Mom 2’s Briana DeJesus & Ex Devoin Austin Feud On Instagram After He Fails To Pick Up Their Daughter

Briana DeJesus accused Devoin Austin of needing to 'do better,' while Devoin called out Briana of being 'disrespectful' to his mom, in this latest development of the 'Teen Mom 2' stars' long-running feud.

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Briana DeJesus, Devoin Austin
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Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin‘s feud has reached new heights — this time, online. The Teen Mom 2 exes’ latest round of drama all began after Briana accused Devoin of failing to pick up their nine-year-old daughter, Nova, from her gymnastics class. On Feb. 2, the MTV star shared texts she sent to Devoin, which started with an angry message: “Your f–king daughter walked into the house fu–ing sad and upset. She thought she wasn’t getting picked up! The gym called me at 9pm and I didn’t even see the call!”

Briana went on to put Devoin on blast; you can read all the texts above. Devoin didn’t deny the accusation, and allegedly responded by writing “Not saying I’m right,” according to Briana’s screenshot of their message exchange. However, he then allegedly informed Briana that she can’t say their daughter “hates” him, and insisted that Nova still wanted to “spend the night” with her dad. Briana then claimed that Nova only said she wanted to spend the night with Devoin because their daughter didn’t “wanna hurt [her] dads feelings,” and asked her ex to “do better.” Briana also shared a screenshot of her voicemail from Nova’s gymnastics center, which fan account @teenmomshaderoom reposted in the carousel above. HollywoodLife can not independently verify these texts, however.

But the drama only escalated. Devoin’s mom, Charita, claimed that Nova is being forced to recite certain lines on Teen Mom 2 in an interview that was published on the very same day that Briana shared her texts with Devoin. “It’s painful for me to watch Nova in the show now,” Charita told The Sun, adding, “She has to try to remember her lines, what the producers are telling her to say.”

Devoin’s mom also suggested that Briana hasn’t been entirely truthful, saying, “In one episode, Briana was telling Nova ‘you’re going to your grandmother’s for the first time.’ That was talking about me but she has been to see me many times.” With that said, Nova’s grandmother added, “I’m worried it’s making [Nova] confused and anxious she is not close to her daddy’s family.”

Briana DeJesus responded to Devoin’s mom’s allegations in the Instagram Story posts above, which linked to her new interview. (Courtesy of Instagram/@teenmomshaderoom_)

Briana didn’t take kindly to these allegations, and clapped back in her own interview. “The fact that Charita – Devoin’s Mother – decided to run to the press to discuss MY daughter is completely abused, seeing as Devoin has been a delinquent father in Nova’s life (think getting day-drunk when he was supposed to be watching her the first time she stayed overnight with him, forgetting to pick her up as I showed in recent text messages, and multitudes of other situations I could go on and on with) and Charita hasn’t really been in Nova’s life at all,” Briana told The Hollywood Gossip on Feb. 3.

Briana also insisted that the Teen Mom producers are not manipulating her and Devoin’s daughter. “The idea that Teen Mom producers are confusing Nova to think she’s not close with Devoin or his family is just, simply, dumb. Nova is old enough to know when her Dad is messing up and not stepping up,” she added.

But Devoin did not appreciate Briana coming after his mother. After his ex’s interview came out, Devoin took to his Instagram Story and vented, “Lol this bad bodied OBLONG shaped b—- disrespectful to my MOTHER? Oh ya KNOW I’m bout to turn up. Better hope my sister don’t slap the Dejesus out yo a–. And you gon be left with your REAL last name from the daddy you don’t know! This internet beef s–t light..” In another message on his Instagram Story, Devoin wrote that he’ll “NEVER stand on the words edited by another muf–ka.” You can read his full response to Briana above.

Briana and Devoin’s rocky relationship also played out on the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, which wrapped up in Jan. 2021. In an episode that aired in December, the exes fought over finances: Briana wanted Devoin to contribute about $250 a month for Nova, and he called out Briana for having a “$15,000 body” after her plastic surgeries (Briana, however, insisted the procedures were free).

Briana reached a breaking point in an episode that aired later that month and told her mom Roxanne, “Devoin needs to step up his game and be more responsible because Devoin needs to take Nova and know what it’s like [to be a parent].” However, when the exes sat down face-to-face for the reunion — which you can watch above — Briana refused to hash out their disagreement over finances and left the set. Devoin was taken aback.

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