‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Teases Casey & Brett ‘Curveballs’ & Admits They’ll ‘Have It Out’ After Their Kiss

Casey's lingering feelings for Gabby left his possible future with Brett up in the air. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with 'Chicago Fire' boss Derek Haas about what's next for Casey and Brett, Stellaride, and more.

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The final episode of Chicago Fire in 2020 featured a major development between Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett. The Firehouse 51 co-workers finally kissed. However, their passionate moment together was cut short when Brett confronted Casey about his feelings for his ex-wife, Gabby Dawson. So, is the relationship between Casey and Brett over before it ever even started? HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas about the pair’s future.

“I think it’s going to require some introspection on both parties,” Derek told HollywoodLife. “They’re going to have to talk about what happened. They work together. So it’s going to all come out in the open, and they will definitely have it out about Casey’s response and their feelings and where they stand. But these are complex feelings, so it’s going to take a while to sort them out.”

Chicago Fire
Brett and Casey’s relationship will continue to develop. (NBC)

Brett asked Casey if he would reunite with Gabby if she came back and asked him to leave with her. Casey admitted to Brett, “I don’t know.” That certainly put out the fire that had ignited between Sylvie and Brett. The dynamics between them will continue to play out over season 9. “This isn’t just a one episode and we’re done thing. This is years in the making, so it’s going to require a little bit more thought,” Derek added.

Derek also teased that there will be “some new players coming in because we’re Chicago Fire, and we don’t ever do anything A to B to C. We have to throw in curveballs.”

Chicago Fire
Severide and Kidd will face new obstacles in season 9. (NBC)

In other Chicago Fire romance news, Severide and Kidd have been in a solid spot lately. However, the couple will face “complications” in the near future. “Stella has been asked and has accepted to take the lieutenant’s exam, which is something that’s going to happen this season or at least the build-up to it is going to happen this season,” Derek said. “So with that requires a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice and a lot of studying and extra drilling. She’s got Severide there to help her except that there’s going to be an obstacle coming up and standing in her way. Severide’s not the greatest at handling obstacles, so there will be some complications to Severide and Kidd’s relationship as she pushes forward.”

Gianna Mackey, who is close with Cruz, joined Brett as the new paramedic this season. Right away, Mackey has caused some sparks, and it looks like she’s got her eyes on Blake Gallo. “What we love about Mackey is that she is very sure of herself,” Derek told HollywoodLife. “Even though she was nervous about coming to Firehouse 51 and wondering whether or not she was right for a busy house, she’s self-assured in terms of relationships. We say she’s a bit of a troublemaker, but not in a bad way. As in like she knows when she’s making someone nervous, and she wants to play into that. It’s almost her way of doing the ‘busting balls’ that firefighters do a lot of. Cruz makes Gallo nervous, so she’s definitely going to play that out. As they go forward and where it goes from there, I’ll say it’ll be fun along the way.”

Chicago Fire
Mackey and Gallo could possibly be headed down the romantic path. (NBC)

As for how Cruz is going to react to all of it, Derek said that Cruz will continue to be “protective of her because he wants her to succeed in this career. He knows he was a big inspiration in her life and why she joined the fire service. He wants to be mindful of where she wants to go in her career. He doesn’t want any roadblocks coming for her, so he’s extra protective. But he does it out of love. There will be some funny moments coming up with the Gallo and Mackey situation.” Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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