‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Teases Stellaride’s Future & Reveals Casey & Brett Will ‘Heat’ Up In Season 9

'Chicago Fire' ended its eighth season a little early, but it will be back with a bang for season 9. HL spoke with EP Derek Haas about what's ahead for Stellaride, Casey and Brett, and more of his season 9 plans.

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Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire didn’t get the chance to end season 8 like it had originally planned due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but the show will return for season 9 (and 2 additional seasons after that). This season of Chicago Fire has been a roller coaster from start to finish. From Otis’ tragic death to Cruz and Chloe’s wedding to Brett and Casey’s growing relationship, there was never a dull moment. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVE with EP and creator Derek Haas to get a little update on the fan-favorite dynamics on the show.

Cruz and Chloe just tied the knot in a gorgeous wedding. Another couple that’s still going strong is Severide and Kidd. HollywoodLife spoke with Derek about Stellaride’s future in season 9. When asked if there is any chance Severide and Kidd will be moving closer into marriage territory next season, Derek told HollywoodLife that there is a “good chance.”

Brett and Casey have grown closer over the course of the season as she learned about her birth mother. Casey has been a source of comfort for Brett throughout this emotional journey. There’s definitely chemistry between them, and Derek said their friendship will continue to be explored next season. “I love the way Casey was intertwined with Brett’s birth mother story from the beginning and it made them closer,” he said. “We will continue to heat that friendship up.”

Since the season was cut short, what does this mean for those lost episodes? HollywoodLife went straight to Derek about whether or not the storylines in the final episodes of season 8 will be carried into next season. “I think we’re going to have to do that,” he told HollywoodLife. “We had some big storylines planned for the final three episodes and I hate to lose them. I’m not sure exactly what form they will take, but we will start working on that in June.”