Why Tyler Posey Is ‘Happy’ He Finally Opened Up About His Sexuality After Getting Sober

Tyler Posey wants to 'be true to himself and the world' as much as he possibly can after he discussed his sexuality on a radio show, and revealed he has 'hooked up' with men in a video chat, last week.

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Tyler Posey, 29, has no regrets about revealing details about his sexuality over the past few months. The Teen Wolf star came out on Instagram in Aug. by telling people he was “confident” with his sexuality and “loved everybody”, and recently revealed he has “hooked up” with men, in a video chat on his OnlyFans account, which can be seen below. Although the confession has put him in a bigger spotlight that opens him up to various opinions from the public, he’s fine with it as long it can help others.

Tyler is an open book and he wants to be as true to himself and the world as he possibly can be and if it helps anybody along their way, then even better,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife about why Tyler chose to open up. “He knows that he has lots of fans and people that look up to him and he wants to be and appreciates being a role model. Tyler is very unique and a very interesting guy.”

One of the things that helped Tyler realize he wanted to open up about his sexuality was getting sober. “I went through a rough patch. I’m sober now. I’m 71 days sober,” he said in the Oct. 15 episode of SiriusXM’s The Jason Ellis Show, which can be seen below. “And so I was — I was going through what you went through years ago and, you know, I kind of fell out with everybody that I loved that I know. And so it became kind of a routine. But now, I’m f***ing — I love myself for the first time in forever.”

“He is a great person to look up to and he is now realizing that to be the case now being sober,” our insider continued. “If he can help anyone with his story then that is only a good thing. He wants to choose music and projects that represent the person he is and wants to be the best he can be. He is very happy that he spoke up about his truth and will only continue to from this point on.”

In addition to just genuinely wanting to help people, Tyler admitted that a story about violence against transsexual women is what inspired him to speak his truth. “I woke up one morning and I saw all this stuff on Instagram about these transsexual women who were being beaten and harassed, and there were a bunch of people that were filming the whole entire interaction and laughing at them,” he further said during the SiriusXM interview. “There were like a whole group of people and that pissed me off so much. And I was just kind of shedding light on that, because I didn’t hear about it.”

“It was like a week — I was a week late on the whole entire thing, I think,” he continued. “So, I didn’t really know about it. And so I thought if I didn’t know, maybe other people didn’t know. So originally I was just shedding light on that, through whatever way that I could. And then, I was hit with wanting just to come out myself with that whole thing and be honest about it.”

We’ve reached out to Tyler’s rep about this story but they have yet to respond.


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