Tommy Lee Vows To Leave The U.S. If Donald Trump Wins 2020 Election: ‘I’m Out Of Here’

If Donald Trump manages to somehow get reelected president, Tommy Lee swears he’s going to say ‘Antio sas’ to the United States and move to Greece!

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Image Credit: AP

Tommy Lee isn’t going to endure four more years of Donald Trump. Though Trump, 74, is trailing Joe Biden in the polls, there’s still a chance that he could be reelected on Nov. 3. “Dude, I swear to god if that happens, then I’m coming over to visit the UK,” the 58-year-old Mötley Crüe drummer told The Big Issue. “I’m out of here. I’ll go back to my motherland, go back to go Greece and get a house on one of the islands,” added Tommy (who was born in Athens. His father was a U.S. Army sergeant and his mother was Vassiliki Papadimitriou, the Miss Greece contestant for the 1960 Miss World event.)

“The thing that stings the most is that I feel like we’re embarrassing,” continued Tommy, before delivering a direct rebuke of Trump (and a low-key/subtweet dismissal of Kanye West’s presidential aspirations.) “I feel like people in Europe and the rest of the world look at America and think: “What the f-ck are you guys doing over there? Stop voting for celebrities and get someone real to run the country.”

Tommy Lee at the world premiere of “The Dirt” on Monday, March 18, 2019 (AP)

No one probably expected that the drummer of “Girls, Girls, Girls” would give such sound, sage, and sensible political advice, but that’s where we are in 2020. This is not the first time that Tommy has unloaded on the former Celebrity Apprentice host. “Trump is scary delusional,” Tommy tweeted in 2019. “Denial headquarters.” He also shared a 2018 Reddit post, warning that “Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the [White House] again because we are going to pay you back so f-cking hard for all this sh-t.” While Tommy didn’t write this rant, one that promised “Planned Parenthoods on every damn corner” and free Chick-Fil-A for “any LGBTQ person your sick cult leaders tortured with conversion therapy,” he seemed to endorse it. Or, at least, the anger behind it.

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally on Oct. 13, 2020 (AP)

While the current political climate in America is bringing Tommy down, he told The Big Issue that he’s keeping his spirits high with thoughts of performing again. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Mötley Crüe’s planned stadium tour, and Tommy said he can’t wait to get in front of all his fans again.

“I can just imagine what it’s going to be like being on stage with that many people and that energy when it’s okay to be together again,” said Tommy. “It’s going to be priceless – that kind of energy I’m probably never going to see again in my lifetime. Can you imagine what that’s going to be like? Holy sh-t!”

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