Cardi B Reveals The Real Reason She Filed For Divorce From Offset — Watch Her Explain

In an Instagram Live session, Cardi B confessed why she's actually splitting from Offset after three years of marriage. The 'WAP' singer also addressed rumors of 'cheating' and a 'baby.'

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Cardi B, Offset
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Cardi B, 27, wants to make one thing clear in the wake of her split from husband Offset, 28: nothing “out of this world happened” to cause their breakup. In an Instagram Live session on Sept. 18, the “WAP” rapper revealed the true reason she filed for divorce three days prior. Before diving into the catalyst of their split, Cardi assured fans that she’s “okay” and isn’t “crying” like before when Offset had done something “so f—ked up” (Cardi has previously claimed that Offset “cheated” during their marriage).

“This time I wasn’t crying,” Cardi explained, adding that the “reason” for her divorce had nothing to do with the drama “that ever happened before.” She continued, “It’s not because of cheating. I’m seeing people say it’s because he’s got a baby on the way — that’s a whole f—— complete lie. This is the like second time people try to pin babies over here. No, that’s bulls–t.”
And then, Cardi finally revealed the actual reason the marriage is coming to an end: she “got tired of f—king arguing” and “got tired of not seeing things eye-to-eye.” Cardi simply didn’t want their problems to escalate. “When you feel like it’s just not the same anymore and before you get cheated on, I’d rather just leave,” she admitted.
Cardi B, Offset
Cardi B and Offset at the 2020 Grammy Awards. (Photo Credit: AP)
The Grammy-winning rapper once again assured listeners that “nothing crazy” happened, and that “sometimes people really do f–king grow apart.” Cardi explained, “I’ve been with this man for 4 years. I have a kid [Cardi’s daughter Kulture, 2] with this man. I have a household with this man. Sometimes you just want — you’re just tired of the arguments, of the buildups.”

Cardi also slammed the notion that the split — which is their second — is part of some scheme to generate more publicity. “I don’t need any stunts to sell anything,” she said, pointing to the chart success of her latest single “WAP.”

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Cardi B with Kulture, her two-year-old daughter whom she shares with Offset. (Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@iamcardib)

Cardi originally requested primary legal and physical custody of Kulture, but amended her divorce petition a day later to request joint custody of their young daughter. “A joint physical custody arrangement would be the parties sharing equal parenting time with the child by either splitting time the week or alternating weeks spent with the child,” Rachel Platt, a family lawyer in Georgia (where Cardi and Offset secretly tied the knot in 2017) EXCLUSIVELY explained to HollywoodLife.
Leading up to the split, all had seemed picture perfect in Cardi and Offset’s relationship. Offset spoiled Cardi with a $5,000 Chanel bag after her song “WAP” topped the No. 1 on Billboard’s “Hot 100” chart in August. In July, the parents also appeared to be the image of marital bliss while throwing a big birthday party for their daughter, Kulture. However, like Cardi said, this marriage hasn’t always been smooth sailing — Cardi announced that they had split in Dec. 2018, amid allegations that Offset once tried to allegedly plan a threesome with Summer Bunni and Cuban Doll earlier that year. They shortly reunited afterwards, however.