Aaron Carter Painfully Reveals His On/Off GF Melanie Martin Has Suffered A Miscarriage

Two months after announcing their pregnancy, Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin have sadly lost their baby. The pair announced the news via a live chat on June 9.

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Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin had some sad news to share with their fans during a YouTube livestream on June 9. The on/off couple revealed that Melanie suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with her and Aaron’s first child together. This YouTube chat was also the first time that Aaron and Melanie confirmed that they are back together after breaking up at the end of March, following Melanie’s arrest for domestic violence.


“[Melanie] suffered a miscarriage due to stress conditions,” Aaron explained. “We’re gonna give it some time, let her heal and then we’re going to try again. We both want that. I gotta take care of her.” Aaron confirmed that Melanie was pregnant with his child during another live stream chat in mid-April. At the time, he said that having a baby was something that they both wanted and had been trying for, despite only dating for a few weeks, beginning in Jan. 2020.

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In the six months since Aaron and Melanie got together, they’ve been through some major ups and downs. At the end of March, Melanie was arrested for domestic violence after an incident at Aaron’s home. They were on and off in the weeks that followed, and in May, Aaron even briefly dated Viktoria Alexeeva. However, in his June 8 YouTube chat, Aaron admitted that his heart simply could not resist Melanie, which prompted them to get back together.

“The past is the past,” Aaron explained. “We’re moving onto the future. She’s going to do what she has to do.” That will include couples’ therapy, as Aaron revealed that Melanie has agreed to seek treatment to help their relationship. “Everybody has a chance to learn and grow and change,” he said. During the live chat, Melanie publicly apologized to Aaron, as well.

Aaron also made it clear that he doesn’t care what Melanie did during the time that they were apart. “She was very open and honest about everything that transpired in the last six weeks,” he admitted. “There’s nothing you can send me or do that I don’t already know, nor do I give a f***. You’re not going to interfere with this relationship. Even if Melanie did try to go for a rebound, that was her prerogative. She had every right to do that.”

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