Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson Exchange ‘I Love Yous’ & Gush Over Being Dog Parents Together

Cody Simpson popped up on Miley Cyrus' Instagram talk show 'Bright Minded' and we couldn't get over how cute they were! The couple's new dog Bo also made a cameo.

Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson
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Miley Cyrus, 27, and Cody Simpson, 23, seem more in love than ever! The couple have been in quarantine together for weeks, and were SO sweet during Cody’s interview on Miley’s new talk show Bright Minded. Despite being in the same house, the couple sat in different rooms to use the split-screen Instagram live feature and dished about everything from life at home to their art. The real star of the chat, however, happened to be their adorable dogs! “Our dog is chewing up our entire studio,” Miley hilariously interjected as Cody was talking. The “Slide Away” singer then scooped up the German shepherd mix — named Bo — and held him up to the camera! “Bo! It’s your baby! He’s going crazy!” she said as Cody laughed. “My two babies! Hello, my son!” Cody quipped back, proving he takes his role as a dog parent seriously!

Sweet Bo joined the family on Mar. 25, and Cody made the announcement with a sweet portrait of the trio. “Baby boy Bo,” Cody captioned the Instagram slideshow, also writing “Stay safe everyone.” Bo’s sibling Weenie also happened to make an unannounced appearance during the show! “Look they’re going on insane! You guys!” Miley exclaimed, flipping the camera around to the pups fighting over some sort of top. “Ween, stop! Your parents are trying to work here!” Cody joked, as Miley swiftly moved Ween out of the studio. “Ween, you have to go,” she added before returning to the screen.

“It’s kind of weird being interviewed by my girlfriend!” Cody said at another point during the seven minute chat, which also included him sharing a romantic poem from his soon-to-be released book Prince Neptune: Poetry and Prose. “Guys, one of the poems I wrote is about Miley, so I’m going to read it right now,” he began, once again interrupted by a barking Bo. Miley, rocking an ear-to-ear grin the entire time, was totally beaming as Cody read the short prose. “In the ancient night, she flies once more. Back to the sun and the stars. I try to chase her there but fall short, for I cannot breathe that high in the radiant heavens where she lingers,” he began. “I can only admire from below, humble, starry-eyed poet with a desire for that which is most beautiful. And she is most beautiful. All other beauties sleep in winter forests. She is the one who swims in the sun and doesn’t try up.”

Miley was so emotional after hearing him read the poem aloud, and we don’t blame her! “I’m most beautiful?” she asked, as Cody confirmed, “You’re most beautiful, babe.” Aww! “I love you, you look so cute,” Miley also gushed, after dishing that she just helped Cody out with his new buzz haircut!

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