Tyler Cameron Hops Out Of The Shower Shirtless As Hannah Brown Seemingly Waits For Him In Bed

Thanks to Tyler Cameron's pal, Matt James, we have some epic new footage of Tyler and Hannah Brown in quarantine -- and it appears to reveal that they've been sharing a bed!

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Image Credit: ABC

Matt James is giving us the quarantine content we all need right now! Matt is part of Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown’squarantine crew‘ in Florida, and he snapped new footage of the pair on March 29. While taking a tour of the home where the group is staying, Matt approaches Tyler in the bathroom. The Bachelorette star is completely stripped down, using nothing but a towel to cover up his unmentionables. His abs are on full display as Matt films him from a full-body angle.

The tour around the house continues, and eventually, Matt comes to Hannah laying in bed. Fans claim that she’s in the bed in Tyler’s room, and she appears to be doing some online shopping while waiting for him to return from his shower. Hannah is on one side of the bed, seemingly saving the other side for someone else to join her. Hannah and Tyler have not revealed the status of their relationship throughout their quarantine, but fans are definitely speculating that things are heating up between them!

Hannah and Tyler first met on season 15 of The Bachelorette in 2019, but she dumped him at the final rose ceremony. After she broke up with her final pick, Jed Wyatt, she asked Tyler out, and they met up in August. However, by that time, he was already seeing Gigi Hadid, who he dated for a few months until they broke up in October.

In February, Tyler’s mom suddenly and unexpectedly passed away after suffering a brain aneurysm. Hannah flew to Florida to support Tyler, and they seemingly re-connected. She returned home for a few days after that, but returned to Florida in mid-March, and has been quarantined there with Tyler and his friends ever since.

The group has been documenting their isolation adventures like crazy on social media. They’ve posted dozens of TikTok videos, and things certainly seem to be pretty flirty between Tyler and Hannah. In one video, he “got into her pants” by wearing her clothes in the ‘switch up’ challenge, and in another, he jokingly FREAKED out over the possibility of kissing her during a game of spin the bottle. Even if there is nothing romantic going on between these two, it’s clear they’re enjoying each other’s company during this tough time!

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