Elizabeth Hurley, 54, Reveals Her Best Diet Tip & The Skincare Secret To Looking Ageless

Finally, Elizabeth Hurley has revealed exactly what she does to get glowing, beautiful skin! The actress revealed her best tips in tricks on Instagram.

Elizabeth Hurley
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The secret to Elizabeth Hurley‘s tanned, yet flawless skin? Covering up while out in the sunshine. Liz said in a new, sexy Instagram post that the key for staying safe while looking great is to just keep everything in moderation. She captioned her post, “LA morning wake up 😘 (PS I only go in the sun before 9am and after 6pm- otherwise, it’s under a large umbrella).” She’s doing things right. Studies have shown that prolonged sun exposure causes wrinkles and puts people at risk of potentially developing melanoma and skin cancer. Always cover up and slather on the sunscreen. You’ll stay safe — and maybe even look like The Royals star as an added bonus!

She also recently shared her best diet tip for healthy living, and also maintaining the bangin’ body she showed off in her nude Insta post. It’s quite simple, really. She told Harper’s Bazaar that she merely “makes time for exercise” and eats “nutritious foods.” Above all else, she advised to “eat your food earlier on in the day, so you’ve got more time to digest it and your body can rest in the sleep period.” Honestly, we’ll do whatever she says — that woman is 54 years old and looks like that!

A source close to the Runaways star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY last year that, “Liz takes health and fitness really seriously. As the face and body of her own swimwear line, it’s essential that she stays in shape, although as a model, it’s second nature for her anyway.”

The source continued, saying, “Liz has never been a big fan of junk food so it’s easy for her to eat clean, avoiding all processed foods, and sticking to an organic diet that’s low in carbs and high in veggies and protein.”

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