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Deodorant Clumps

Are You Using The Right Deodorant? An Expert Derm Gives Top Tips

4 years ago 6
Do you get white clumps of deodorant under your arms? Do you hate getting white marks on your little black dress? An expert derm answers your… Read Article ▶
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Too Much Sweat

Do You Smell Your Best On A Date? A Derm Solves Your Sweating Problems

4 years ago 3
Are you self-conscious when you go out at night? Do you feel like your deodorant isn't strong enough? A top dermatologist breaks down the options and… Read Article ▶
Sensitive Skin

Do You Have Sensitive Skin? A Derm Offers Underarm Advice

4 years ago 3
Do you feel like your underarms are always dry, irritated or itchy? Do they burn after you put on lotions, cream or deodorant? A top derm answers… Read Article ▶
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Dry Skin Underarms

Dry & Flaky Underarms? A Top Doc Gives Tips For Smooth Skin

4 years ago 2
Are your underarms dry and flaky, despite the warm weather? It's a very common concern, so we've asked a dermatologist to reveal her remedies for… Read Article ▶
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Underarm Irritation

How To Prevent Bumps & Irritation Under Your Arms After Shaving

4 years ago 5
Shaving can cause redness, bumps, irritation and pain -- after all, you are putting a sharp razor on your sensitive skin! But there are ways to ease… Read Article ▶
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Long Lasting Deodorant

Does Your Deodorant Last Long Enough? An Expert Gives Top Tips

4 years ago 3
Do you ever feel like your deodorant has worn off? It's not the most pleasant topic, but it's one that affects a lot of women, so we got an expert… Read Article ▶
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Editors Picks

Editors’ Picks — Prettiest Makeup & More For Summer

4 years ago 5
We get the newest and best products rotating through the office -- luckily, the Editors here help me pick their favorites so we can… Read Article ▶

Think You Sweat Too Much? A Top Derm Answers Your Personal Q’s

4 years ago 2
Everyone wants to find a way to block sweat and odor during scorching summer temps. has partnered with an expert to bring you all… Read Article ▶