Are You Using The Right Deodorant? An Expert Derm Gives Top Tips

Do you get white clumps of deodorant under your arms? Do you hate getting white marks on your little black dress? An expert derm answers your questions below. You won't have to deal with these embarrassing issues anymore! Although applying deodorant is a daily ritual and seems easy enough, it actually can cause irritation, bumps and clumps -- not to mention white marks on your favorite clothing! Top dermatologist Dr. Lori Haddad answers YOUR questions about whether or not you're using the right deodorant for you. Keep reading for her expert advice!

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Deodorant Clumps
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Deodorant Clumps — Why Does This Happen?

Dr. Lori tells to EXCLUSIVELY about why some deodorants clump under your arms:

I truly believe that it’s brand-to-brand and a reaction to how much that person sweats. My clients experiment with different brands all the time — certain ones will cause clumping, others won’t. Sometimes it’s the Zinc in it formula. Sometimes if it’s powder-coated, or if it’s not a clear gel, it will happen. Sometimes deodarant will clump unless it’s a solid or an aerosol. I really believe it’s the ingredient in each particular brand.

To prevent clumps, as well as unsightly white marks, Dr. Lori likes using Sure. Their invisible solids go on clear and don’t leave a white mess or residue. It comes in four scents — Regular Scent, Fresh Scent, Powder Scent and Unscented, which is perfect for more sensitive skin.

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