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Sandy Hook Elementary School Bomb

Sandy Hook Elementary Evacuated After Terrifying Bomb Threat

3 months ago 1
Oh no. Students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School were forced to evacuate after an anonymous caller threatened that there was a bomb on… Read Article ▶
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Adam Lanza Shooter Father

Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Shot Mom 4 Times — ‘Once For Each Family Member’

9 months ago 4
Adam Lanza's father Peter has shared new details about the horrific shooting in Newton, Ct. on Dec. 14, 2012. In a chilling interview, Peter… Read Article ▶
Courtesy Of LinkedIn/ABC
Adam Lanza Sandy Hook Shooting

Adam Lanza’s Father: I Wish Sandy Hook Shooter Was ‘Never Born’

9 months ago 8
Peter Lanza, father of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter Adam Lanza, has spoken out about his son's horrific actions. The father reveals he wishes… Read Article ▶
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Newtown Police Report

Newtown Police Release Thousands Of Sandy Hook Crime Scene Photos

12 months ago 20
Newtown, CT police released over 6,500 pages of witness accounts and police findings from the Dec. 14, 2012 massacre of 20 young students at Sandy… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Connecticut State Police

Newtown Shooting: Remembering Sandy Hook Victims 1 Year Later

1 year ago 9
December 14, 2013 marks the one year anniversary of the horrific Newtown massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT, which left 20 innocent… Read Article ▶
Newtown 911 Calls Released

Newtown 911 Calls Released: Sandy Hook School’s Emotional Pleas

1 year ago 9
The gut-wrenching 911 calls placed from Sandy Hook Elementary School were released on Dec. 4: nearly one year to the date after 20-year-old Adam… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of ABC/Twitter
Adam Lanza School Shooting Video Game

Adam Lanza: Sandy Hook Gunman Played ‘School Shooting’ Video Game

1 year ago 7
The Newtown, CT gunman played a horrific computer game called 'School Shooting,' before entering Sandy Hook Elementary School and killing 20 innocent… Read Article ▶
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Sandy Hook Mother

Sandy Hook Elementary School Mom Writes Touching Letter To Teachers

1 year ago 1
Nelba Marquez-Greene lost her precious daughter in the Sandy Hook school shooting. In an open letter to teachers at the school, the mom thanks… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Nelba Marquez-Greene
Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Sandy Hook Massacre: 6 Month Anniversary Honors Slain Victims

2 years ago 4
Exactly six months after the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre, which killed 20 children and six teachers, grieving friends… Read Article ▶
Senate Blocks Gun Control

Sandy Hook Parents Heartbroken After Gun Control Measures Blocked

2 years ago 5
The U.S. Senate blocked a measure on April 17 that would have expanded background checks for gun sales, and banned some semi-automatic weapons… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of CNN
Newtown Victims Boston Marathon

Newtown Families Reportedly Seated Near Boston Marathon Explosions

2 years ago 25
The last mile of the Boston Marathon was dedicated to families of the Newtown shooting victims -- and the honored families were seated in the VIP… Read Article ▶
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Adam Lanza Bullied

Adam Lanza Beaten By Sandy Hook Classmates — Motive For Shooting?

2 years ago 8
Has the Newtown shooter's real motive for brutally murdering 20 innocent children and six teachers been revealed? A new interview with a relative of… Read Article ▶
Getty, Courtesy of Facebook
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