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Image Experts: Chris Brown's Rampage Won't Hurt His Image — Nobody Saw It!

6 years ago 22 consulted with three image experts who all believe Chris Brown's fans will stand by him once again. However, his Dancing with the… Read Article ▶

Experts Tell Us Lindsay Lohan Should Stay In Jail — It's Worth A $1 Million Dollar Interview!

7 years ago 1
[caption id="attachment_160690" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Lindsay could make a fortune off her first post-jail… Read Article ▶

Jesse James' 'Nightline' Interview Only Hurt Him — Most Experts Agree!

7 years ago 2
[caption id="attachment_131604" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption]Do YOU think Jesse's apology and confession last night… Read Article ▶

Was Going On 'Nightline' A Brilliant Or Bozo Decision For Jesse James? Our Image Experts Weigh In!

7 years ago 0 grilled seven image experts on what it will take for America's most hated man to even attempt to get back into our good… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE! Will R-Patz’s New Shaved ‘Do Hurt Or Help His Career & Sex Appeal? Experts Speak Out!

7 years ago 3
[caption id="attachment_124647" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Casting agents, a producer and an image expert weigh in… Read Article ▶

Kendra, Your Sex Tape Might Boost Your Reality Show Ratings — But It Won't Help You In The Long Run!

7 years ago 0
An image expert tells that Kendra Wilkinson's raunchy videos will actually hurt her image, not make her more marketable! Sorry… Read Article ▶

Did Kim Kardashian Get Plastic Surgery? Experts Think So!

7 years ago 56
Experts say that Kim K had her nose and boobs done along with Botox and Fillers in her cheeks and along her nose. Could this be true? Is Kim… Read Article ▶

Bonnie Says! Sandra – File Divorce Papers Now! Run From Jesse & His Nazisms, Like He's The Plague

7 years ago 19
[caption id="attachment_103807" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Courtesy of TMZ, Inset: Getty Images"][/caption] Sandra, forget his cheating… Read Article ▶

Say WHAT? An Expert Thinks Tiger Hit A Hole-In-One At His Press Conference Today!

7 years ago 4
Do YOU think Tiger Woods scored at his Masters Tournament presser, or do you agree with the staff? We think he swung — and… Read Article ▶


7 years ago 3
[caption id="attachment_99512" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="AP"][/caption] Tiger, if you want the world to see you as a professional golfer… Read Article ▶

Should Elin Support Tiger At The Masters? Experts Tells Us What She Should Do

7 years ago 4
[caption id="attachment_96012" align="alignnone" width="544" caption=""][/caption] Elin, our experts agree with you! Do what you need… Read Article ▶

Hey, Sandra! An Image Expert Urges You To Come Out Of Hiding & Show Your Face!

7 years ago 16
[caption id="attachment_93147" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Getty Images"][/caption] We know it will be hard, but a media consultant says… Read Article ▶

Tiger's First Interview 'Very Rehearsed…Very Empty' — and He's Got the Media Completely By the Tail! An Image Guru's Take1

7 years ago 1
Do you think Tiger's interview on ESPN was heartfelt or rehearsed? Tiger Woods reiterated his guilt and shame on March 21 during his first press… Read Article ▶

Jaycee Dugard Exclusive: The Real Reason She's Releasing Private Family Videos Today

7 years ago 2
[caption id="attachment_81188" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="Courtesy of"][/caption] An expert explains why Jaycee is speaking… Read Article ▶

Image Expert On Tiger Woods' Public Address: 'What A Scripted, Lousy D-List Performance'

7 years ago 4
Leading image expert Michael Sands says Tiger came off as a phony during his apology and shouldn't have spoken at all! After more than 30 years… Read Article ▶
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