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Kieffer Delp Arrested

Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Boyfriend Kieffer Delp Arrested For Breaking Into Home

3 years ago 5
The 'Teen Mom 2' star's ex-boyfriend allegedly kicked down the door of her family's North Carolina home and was arrested on counts of breaking and… Read Article ▶
Splashnews/Courtesy of MTV
Teen Mom 2 Season Finale

‘Teen Mom 2’ Season Finale: Barbara Accuses Jenelle Of Being On Heroin

4 years ago 20
Barbara barges into Jenelle's house to find the troubled Teen Mom and her boyfriend Kieffer allegedly strung out on hardcore drugs. Also, Kailyn and… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of MTV
Jenelle Evans Court Teen Mom 2 Recap

‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Faces Gary In Court After Assault

4 years ago 10
Jenelle comes face-to-face with her ex-fiance for the first time since their violent fight. Plus, Leah asks her biological father to walk her down… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of MTV
Jenelle Evans Kieffer Delp Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans Needs To Cut Kieffer Delp Out Of Her Life For Good

4 years ago 2
When one relationship doesn't work out, Jenelle always goes back to her troubled ex-boyfriend Kieffer! On the March 4 episode of 'Teen Mom 2,'… Read Article ▶
Jenelle Evans Heroin Addict

Courtland Rogers: Jenelle Evans’ Ex Keiffer Got Her Hooked On Heroin

4 years ago 6
Jenelle's hubby revealed that not only is the 'Teen Mom 2' star a heroin addict -- but Kieffer is the one who nearly killed her with an overdose… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Twitter
Kieffer Delp Son

‘Teen Mom 2′ Jenelle Evans’ Ex Kieffer Delp Has A Secret Son

5 years ago 5
'Teen Mom 2' shocker! Jenelle revealed on Twitter on Oct. 17 that her ex-boyfriend Kieffer is a father! Jenelle Evans is no stranger to drama, but… Read Article ▶
Courtesy of Twitter

Are ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans & Kieffer Delp Engaged?

5 years ago 6
Jenelle and her on-again off-again boyfriend Kieffer are back together and a new cryptic tweet from Jenelle suggests they may be heading down the… Read Article ▶
Jenelle Evans Kieffer Delp Dating

Jenelle Evans Is Back With Ex-Boyfriend Kieffer Delp

5 years ago 12
The 'Teen Mom 2' star just can't seem to resist trouble -- she's reportedly dating her bad boy ex-boyfriend Kieffer! Jenelle Evans split with her… Read Article ▶
Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp Back Together

Jenelle Evans & Ex-Boyfriend Kieffer Delp Back Together?

5 years ago 3
After Jenelle and Gary called off their engagement, the rumor mill was buzzing that the 'Teen Mom' was back together with her ex-boyfriend after they… Read Article ▶
Jenelle Evans Nude Photos

Kieffer Delp Is A Jerk For Releasing Jenelle Evans Topless Pics

5 years ago 4
'Teen Mom' star Jenelle got breast implants last week and the reality star's ex-boyfriend took before and after pics -- and posted them online! What… Read Article ▶
Kieffer Delp and Jenelle Evans Back Together

Jenelle Evans & Kieffer Delp Are Officially Back Together

5 years ago 8
The exes have put all their drama aside and are a couple again -- for now! Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans took to her Twitter on April 27 to confess… Read Article ▶

Jenelle Evans' Probation Has Ended

5 years ago 3
The 'Teen Mom 2' star is officially and legally a free woman -- but will she stay out of trouble? What do you think? Jenelle Evans reactivated her… Read Article ▶

Is Jenelle Evans Secretly Hooking Up With Her Ex Kieffer Delp?

5 years ago 7
The 'Teen Mom 2' star can't stay away from trouble. She's only days away from her probation ending! Jenelle Evans has been secretly hooking up with… Read Article ▶
Jenelle Evans Engagement Ring

Was Jenelle Evans' Ex-Boyfriend Gary Head Planning To Propose?

5 years ago 7
It looks like the 'Teen Mom 2' star and her ex-boyfriend could have been headed down the aisle before their relationship went sour! Gary Head took to… Read Article ▶
Jenelle Evans Tweets Kieffer Delp And Gary Head Get Along

Is Jenelle Evans In A Love Triangle With Gary Head & Ex Kieffer Delp?

5 years ago 3
Jenelle has revealed that Gary and her ex bf Kieffer get along just fine. Could this make things emotionally complicated for her? Jenelle Evans, 20… Read Article ▶
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