MTV Films 'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans Fighting Roommate Tori! Exclusive!

This means Jenelle now has two fights caught on camera -- and this new one may show up on 'Teen Mom 2'! Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' on-camera attack on Britany Truett wasn't the first time Jenelle brawled with a friend. About a week before her March 22 battle with Britany, Jenelle actually raised her fists against her roommate Tori -- and MTV filmed the whole fight, her other roommate Tyler tells exclusively!

“Tori and Jenelle got into a fight,” Tyler tells us. “MTV was there.”

“When I tried to break it up, Jenelle’s boyfriend [Kieffer Delp] sucker-punched me,” Tyler continues. “They had cameras in my face.”

Tyler says “I didn’t hit him back because I am going to press charges” — if the segment ever airs.

Security guards were on the set in the house in Oak Island, N.C., Tyler told us, but they let the fight go on for a few minutes to catch it on film before stepping in to break it up.

Once the fight was over, Tori and Tyler insisted that Jenelle, Kieffer and the MTV crew leave the house. “I told them to get off my property,” says Tyler. “A lot of people don’t want those cameras in their faces.”

This is the second time MTV has recorded Teen Mom violence. During the first season, viewers saw Amber Portwood sock her baby daddy Gary Shirley right in the face.

We’ve reached out to MTV. But do you think it’s a smart for MTV to look like the show is encouraging fighting?

– Lindsey DiMattina, reporting by Jessica Finn

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