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Sigourney Weaver Avatar

Sigourney Weaver To Star In James Cameron’s Next 3 ‘Avatar’ Sequels

2 years ago 2
Sigourney Weaver is coming back from the dead in the 'Avatar' franchise! Director James Cameron has announced that the actress will return for the… Read Article ▶
Getty, Courtesy Of 20th Century Fox

BREAKING NEWS! Will James Cameron Be The One To Direct Angelina Jolie In 'Cleopatra?'

5 years ago 3
Everything James Cameron touches becomes virtual movie magic. From Titanic to Avatar he's got what it takes to win Oscar gold and is hoping to make… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE & VERY WEIRD VIDEO! 'Avatar' Director James Cameron Shows YOU How To Milk A Goat!

6 years ago 0
Little known fact: James Cameron and his wife stay green by making yogurt from the milk they get from their own goats! Check out his hands-on… Read Article ▶

Taylor Vs. K-Stew! Who Brought Home More Millions This Past Year?

6 years ago 4
After reading this list of the past year's top earners... you might consider changing careers! Parade has finally released its annual list of… Read Article ▶
Watch Out, Brad Pitt! Justin Bieber Wants To Break Into Acting!

Watch Out, Brad Pitt! Justin Bieber Wants To Break Into Acting!

6 years ago 5
[flv width='544' height='442' type='video'][/flv] Do YOU think Justin should take his considerable talents… Read Article ▶

Hey Ladies — You REALLY Wanted to See Channing Tatum in 'Dear John' … And Knocked 'Avatar' Off Its Box Office Perch!

6 years ago 0
While the fellas focused on football, the ladies piled into theaters for the romance drama starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried -- in a big… Read Article ▶

EXCLUSIVE: James Cameron’s Plans For the 'Avatar' Sequel

6 years ago 0
Get excited! Avatar: 2 is definitely going to happen…and you can definitely expect a whole new slew of alien creatures to join the Na'vi James… Read Article ▶

James Cameron’s Bladder & Mariah’s Boobs: OMG! & TMI! Moments from Last Night’s Golden Globes!

6 years ago 0
Whether it was the booze, the tight quarters in the Beverly Hilton ballroom, or the LA rain, last night was full of OMG & TMI moments! For sure… Read Article ▶

Wow! 'Avatar' Is The No. 1 Movie At The Box Office For The Fourth Week In A Row — $1.3 Billion Worldwide!

6 years ago 3
Have you seen 'Avatar' yet? What are you waiting for? We're starting to wonder if the world's Avatar obsession will ever cool down! James Cameron's… Read Article ▶

Which Celebs Saw Avatar & Clearly L-O-V-E-D It!

6 years ago 1
Here is what the celebs had to say after seeing billion-dollar box office smash Avatar... You go James Cameron! Not only is Avatar knocking out box… Read Article ▶

Wow! 'Avatar' Passes The $1 Billion Mark — Congrats, James Cameron!

6 years ago 2
There's no stopping Avatar — it's on fire! Avatar continued its ruthless domination over the box office this weekend, grossing about $68.3 million… Read Article ▶

Who Were 2009's Hottest Break-Out Celebs? Snooki Makes My List!

6 years ago 7
Some major well-known celebs dominated this news year. Rihanna, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, and Charlie Sheen all made the headlines in a BIG way… Read Article ▶
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