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Talia Joy Castellano

Talia Joy Castellano

Date of Birth: January 1, 2000
Height: 4'11"
Hometown: Goldenrod, Florida, United States
In a Relationship With:
Best Quotes:

Having cancer has been a gift yet a horrible, horrible, terrifying thing. But I’ve gotten so many benefits from it…Having a Youtube channel and having to inspire people, and having people look up to me and explaining to you guys how I love and adore makeup, using it as my wig and having so much self-confidence to go out to the grocery store without a wig… it’s just amazing.

Talia Joy Castellano (born in Goldenrod, Florida in 2000), was an American teenager who came to fame with her very public battle with cancer. She was a professional YouTube Makeup Guru, who lost her battle with cancer on July 16 2013.

Best Known For:
Talia Castellano was best known for appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show following her public battle with cancer, and for becoming a YouTube star during her battle. She also became a cover star for Cover Girl cosmetics.

Personal Life:
Talia Castellano was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma in February 2007. She was cancer free for 13 months but relapsed in Sept. 2008, and again in August 2010. She relapsed for a third time in August 2011, and in August 2012 the cancer spread to her bones. She died in July 2013.

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